Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Spirited Away Picture Book ~ Hayao Miyazaki

This illustrated book tells the story of the animated feature film Spirited Away. Driving to their new home, Mom, Dad, and their daughter Chihiro take a wrong turn. In a strange abandoned amusement park, while Chihiro wanders away, her parents turn into pigs. She must then find her way in a world inhabited by ghosts, demons, and strange gods. @goodreads 

I bought this picture book a long time ago. I was looking for some in depth books or manga on my favorite movie of all time, Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki. I will be adding several gifs of the movie toward the end but they are in no kind of order. I wanted to put the whole movie on here, but you know.

I remember years ago, me and my boyfriend at the time, were getting ready to go to bed. It was pretty late and I happened to turn it on cartoon network and saw this amazing movie. We ended up watching it and another Miyazaki movie after. There was some kind of marathon that weekend and we were glued to the tv. I ended up buying all of the movies available on dvd, which I have now converted most to blu-ray.

Anyhooooooooooooo, Spirited Away is my favorite of his movies and my favorite movie of all time as I said.

At the beginning of this book there is a cast of characters. I thought that was cool because they have names for a couple of the creatures and things that I never knew.

I will try my best to explain the jist of the movie/book.

Chihiro and her family are moving to their new home. Chihiro's father takes a wrong turn and they end up at a dead end. There is some kind of old broken down station house and they go through. Then they see more old buildings and smell food. Chihiro keeps trying to call them away but they enter this town and start eating this food.

Chihiro ends up walking around and she sees a bath house. Then there is a boy named Haku and he is yelling at her to run and get back across before it's night and the river is there. Of course, this sounds all kinds of crazy but Chihiro runs back to get her parents and they have turned into pigs. They have been cursed by the witch, Yubaba for eating the spirits food.

Chihiro is stuck in this world of spirits now and Haku helps her get a job at the bathhouse. She has to try to find a way to help her parents and herself. Chihiro ends up making some wonderful friends at the house and there are some really funny moments and some moments that really got into my heart. I cried and well, I just can't explain it.

Lastly, I would like to say I think everyone should watch this movie. I think there are things in it for everyone.





  1. Yes Spirted Away is one of my all time favorite movies that I had to get it on dvd, which your review makes me want to watch it. I haven't seen it in years I am so going to remedy that. Plus I had no idea that there was a picture book about this fantastic movie, I really must check where I can find the picture book here in the USA. Thank you so much for the great review and post my friend!

    1. I'm so glad you love it too hon =) I got mine on Amazon, where I get most stuff. They have picture books for some of his other movies too. ♥