Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Monday, June 24, 2019

Fairyloot June Unboxing

Hey guys! Here we are for the June Fairyloot Unboxing. I have to say I have bought this book myself, gotten it from Owcrate and now Fairyloot. BUT, I'm not mad at all. I'm trading in my green copy, keeping the Fairyloot copy because it has stained edges and keeping the Owlcrate copy because it has a purple cover. So there =) But look at all the goodies!!! 

First up we have a Raven Boys Patch and I love it to pieces! 

Next we have a freaking awesome reading journal. It has so many amazing pages. I wanted to take pics of each page but.... some of the designs inside have art from: Nevernight, Rook, An Enchantment of Ravens, Manon from Throne of Glass, A Darker Shade of Magic, Bloodwitch and The Cruel Prince. Needless to say I'm not putting my crappy hand writing in it!

Next we have some Simmer Down Kitten Socks inspired by the Lux series 

Next we have a beautiful enamel pin inspired by Bloodwitch! 

Next we have a Woodmark bookmark inspired by a quote from the Air Awakens series. And also this months Tarot cards inspired by Harry Potter! 

 Next is some mermaid tea, which I will be sending to my friend =) 

We have a two sided little comic and art from Avatar the Last Airbender 

Then we have some enamel paper clips that include:
Jace - Mortal Instruments 
Jacks - Caraval 
Rowan - Throne of Glass 
And General Quote 

Next we have the coolest thing ever! It's a Secret Book Banter Box! It looks like a book and the inside has some art etc. I will add the front and the inside. You could hide things and put them on your shelf and it looks like a book. =)

 Next I have some beautiful art prints and the bookmark. 

And finally!!!! The beautiful shiny, green stained edges of Sorcery Of Thorns! Although, you can't see the shine in the picture!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed! 

Happy Reading! 

Mel ♥

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Owlcrate June Unboxing!

Hello darlings! 

It's that time again! Here is my June Owlcrate Unboxing. I already have the book but it's a different color and I loved the book so I'm keeping both =D Enjoy! 

Next we have a super cute gel pen key! 

Next we have a coaster set with quotes about libraries! 

Next we have some coffee inspired by Beauty and the Beast. I will be sending this to my friend as I don't drink coffee =) 

Next is a tote bag inspired by Strange The Dreamer! Yes! 

Next we have metal bookends inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia. They are cute! 

Last but not least, we have the book "Sorcery of Thieves" Like I said, I already have this book with the original green cover but this one is purple and I love them both. I'm keeping them both as well. 

We also have the monthly pin inspired by the book and a gorgeous sticker. The book is signed and we have the author card. Oh and the little pin is inspired by Silas! I love Silas so much! ♥ He's in the book!

I hope you guys have enjoyed! 

Happy Reading! 

Mel ♥

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Here I am again with more books sleeves. I think I might buy a few more and then stop. Or maybe I should just stop as there are so many!!!! 

I'm going to add a link to the two places I buy the most from. This first one is: 


I got this particular shop to make me two sleeves approved by two of my Goodreads author friends. She won't make book covers without permission. Also, this shop makes different size sleeves which I love as I always get the large for huge hardbacks!

First we have none other than, Mark Lawrence. I only asked for a few of his book covers for her to make so they wouldn't be too crowded on the sleeve and they are freaking awesome! Thank you Mark! 

 My next author is, David Estes. He kindly gave his permission as well and he sleeve is as awesome as Mark's. Thank you, David! FYI: I'm going to be coming after some more of my author's that actually talk to me on Goodreads =)

Next are just a few more random sleeves I bought from this shop! 

I don't remember where I got these random 3 and I might have shown them in Book Sleeves Part 1. I thought I would just put them up here together. 

Next we have: 


I have only 3 this time around from her shop. I also forgot to add the bookmarks she sent with the sleeves. She does that and I'm stupid. I have several more sleeves I want to get from her so we shall see about another Book Sleeve Blog. 

First up we have this beautiful design that is my favorite. She will personalize them for you as well =) 

And last but not least are some crazy ones I made. Boy are they jacked up looking. Lol, but I wanted to make some while I could before my wrists got tendonitis in them! 

Okay, that's all folks! For now anyway! I hope you guys enjoyed! 

Mel ♥

Monday, June 17, 2019


Hi guys! I told my friends on Goodreads I would share my walk in the Colors Of Cancer if I was able to do it. So, here we are! I would like to upload a video but I'm not going to attempt that. They had us survivors on stage and did a little thing but it's okay. Also, this is for all forms of cancer ~ mine was cervical cancer.

I did take like 41 pictures but I'm not adding all of those, just a few. I hope you guys enjoy them. It made my day that I was able to do this! I'm also very happy and grateful to some of my real life friends and some Goodreads friends that donated to my walk in particular. Love you guys and girls! ♥

This first picture is of me and dad before the walk/run. Dad has on the regular Colors of Cancer Shirt and I have on the Survivor shirt and sash. I also have one of the pretty shirts he has on.


 Here is a beautiful Great Dane that came out to support us cancer survivors and those still fighting. I wish I would have known, I might have brought my Greyhound Lucy and dressed her up =) I loved this guy though! 

Next is a picture of me signing my pinwheel, I couldn't think of what all to say so one of my friends started writing on it too. 

Here is me next to my pinwheel 

Next up we have some of us sitting on the breast cancer chair. It almost killed us getting up and down!!! 

Next is a picture of me and my friend that works at the radiation oncology. She's so wonderful to have as a friend, she keeps me going. I'm not naming names for privacy reasons. 

Next is me doing a little talk ON MICROPHONE with a sweet guy from channel 9

Next we have some pics me and dad and me and my friend took at a photo van. It was so much fun!

Here is a picture of one of two kids wearing capes for childhood cancer. Soooo sweet! 

Next is our team. 

Then we have me showing off my colors of cancer bracelets and being a fool! =D 

Me really being a fool with a new friend dad made with his family at the walk. I wish my friend took this as a live photo because she got me looking stupid. Omg! =D 

Next we have the 10K runners going before us walkers. 

 Next is me and dad by the water 

 Next is dad, my friend, me and another cancer friend from our cancer group. We are getting ready to start! =)

Next we have some pics of walking along. 

Me and dad across the finish line =D 

Me and my friend getting our Watermelon on! 

Here are us survivors on stage. 

And last but not least, here is a picture of my loot. I'm not adding any more pictures as I said there are sooo many. I had such a wonderful time and met more wonderful people. This was such a great time! I look forward to doing more of these walks! 

Thank you guys for supporting me! 


Mel ♥