Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Fairyloot December 2018 Unboxing

It's time once again to do an unboxing. Fairyloot did inform me they left out an item in some of the boxes and I will receive it later. 

We get a double-sided picture of Manon and Abraxos and Toothless. I don't like double sided because I will be framing the side with Manon. But they are both still beautiful. 

We have some more beautiful artwork I want to frame and the bookmark. 

Next is a blank banner...... yes, that's what I was thinking and they said it's for hanging your buttons! I got really excited because I have a few buttons I was wondering what to do with and now I have something =) 

Next is an awesome glow in the dark Dragon necklace! 

We have two tarot cards but it doesn't say what they are from. I think it was mentioned in an email but I can't remember; either way they are gorgeous. 

We got an awesome dragon book sleeve and dragon reading  journal! I love them! 

We got two books this month. The first is an ARC of The Storm Crow and the other book is Fire & Heist! I hope I enjoy both of them. 

And I was supposed to get a mother of dragons magnetic bookmark set =( That was what was left out but they are still sending. They said a few of the customers got missed. I'm assuming it was all of us to the US. 


Happy Reading! 

Mel ♥


  1. i also got this box! kind of disappointed in the banner flag thing. wish it had a dragon design on it or something

    1. When I first saw the banner thing I was bummed until I found out it was to put pins on and I have about a million pins. So actually, I need a whole set of those banners! Lol