Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Your One & Only by Adrianne Finlay

Jack is a walking fossil. The only human among a sea of clones. It’s been hundreds of years since humanity died off in the slow plague, leaving the clones behind to carry on human existence. Over time they’ve perfected their genes, moving further away from the imperfections of humanity. But if they really are perfect, why did they create Jack?

While Jack longs for acceptance, Althea-310 struggles with the feeling that she’s different from her sisters. Her fascination with Jack doesn’t help. As Althea and Jack’s connection grows stronger, so does the threat to their lives. What will happen if they do the unthinkable and fall in love?

Got this through Bookish First. Let's see if it's any good!

Well that was short and sweet and not what I was hoping =(

I thought the summary of the book sounded great! You have one human and all of these clones, but I guess I'm in the unpopular opinion catagory as it didn't work for me.

I liked Jack and Althea-310 to a certain extent. I liked the ending of the story and I liked when they read all of the stuff in the journal that told stories about the clones.

I didn't like anything else =( But it seems most people did and I'm happy for them =)

There was too much of Jack and another clone fighting all of the time. (Jack is the human)

I didn't like the pairing ritual of the clones. It was weird with them being kids and paired up to have sex with each other.

I loved the idea of the story but it fell flat for me and that's all there is to it.

I hope more people love it though!

Happy Reading!

Mel ♥



Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sibley ~ Birds of Land, Sea, And Sky by David Allen Sibley (50 postcards)

Birdwatchers everywhere will love this beautiful box of 50 postcards featuring original bird paintings by renowned ornithologist David Sibley. This brand new vertical format offers 50 postcards of birds lovingly rendered in watercolors by David Sibley and chosen with their individual beauty and prominence in the country in mind. Housed in an elegant keepsake box with tabs dividing them by type (sea birds, birds of prey, songbirds) for ease of choice, these postcards are ideal for mailing to friends and family, framed and used as décor, or attached to presents as unique gift tags.

These postcards are absolutely gorgeous! I just wish they would have added a little information about the birds on the back of the postcard. Just a couple of lines and still have room for you to write a message to your friend. 

They say these can be used to send as postcards, as gift tags or to be framed. Personally, I'm keeping them all. I might put them in my postcard album or frame a few. I really don't want to take them out of this cute little hard box. I live it as well as the cards themselves! 

I think all bird loves will love these cards. 

*Thank you to blogging for books for a free copy of these cards.*

I'm going to as several pictures of these awesome cards. 


Mel ♥


Monday, February 26, 2018

Lady Killer ~ Graphic Novel by Joelle Jones

Betty Draper meets Hannibal!

Josie Schuller is a picture-perfect homemaker, wife, and mother—but she’s also a ruthless, efficient killer for hire! A brand-new original comedy series that combines the wholesome imagery of early 1960s domestic bliss with a tightening web of murder, paranoia, and cold-blooded survival.

* New original series by Joëlle Jones!

* Dark comedy, gritty action, and killer laughs! @goodreads 

This book was super fun and a bit gory. Just a bit 😄

Good graphics and I enjoyed the storyline!

Happy Reading!

Mel ❤️ 



Beyond Redemption by Michael R. Fletcher

Faith shapes the landscape, defines the laws of physics, and makes a mockery of truth. Common knowledge isn't an axiom, it's a force of nature. What the masses believe is. But insanity is a weapon, conviction a shield. Delusions give birth to foul new gods.

Violent and dark, the world is filled with the Geisteskranken—men and women whose delusions manifest, twisting reality. High Priest Konig seeks to create order from chaos. He defines the beliefs of his followers, leading their faith to one end: a young boy, Morgen, must Ascend to become a god. A god they can control.

But there are many who would see this would-be-god in their thrall, including the High Priest’s own Doppels, and a Slaver no one can resist. Three reprobates—The Greatest Swordsman in the World, a murderous Kleptic, and possibly the only sane man left—have their own nefarious plans for the young god.

As these forces converge on the boy, there’s one more obstacle: time is running out. When one's delusions become more powerful, they become harder to control. The fate of the Geisteskranken is to inevitably find oneself in the Afterdeath.

The question, then, is: Who will rule there? @goodreads 

Well that was different. It didn't seem like a grimdark to me but I'm crazy so who knows.

At first I was finding the book boring but I kept going and it turned out rather good =) Yes, there are all kinds of killings and some narley stuff with mirrors (don't ask) but it was good!

Here we have the 3 stooges who hate each other more than anything (not really) and they are rather funny. I just wish the Stehlen wouldn't spit every 5 minutes and Bedeckt with his sinus infection! Dear God! And Wichtig who was full of himself. I loved them

Ignoring Wichtig, Bedeckt continued. "We work together. We're a team. A shite team, but we get things done. We aren't friends and we sure as shite aren't lovers. Never forget: I'd kill either of you if there was money in it for me."

"Stop it, I'm getting all misty-eyed." Wichtig pretended to mop at tears. "Stehlen, throw me a few gold coins-they're probably mine anyway-and I'll bed you."

Stehlen's stiletto hissed out and Wichtig laughed at her. Pretending nonchalance, he moved his horse away, carefully staying out of reach.

"There's an inn." Bedeckt pointed up the street. "Put your knife away, woman. Gut him after I've had a drink."

Then there is Konig who is the high priest and a nutter. He also has three doppels named, Acceptance, Abandonment and Trepidation.

He's up to all kinds of no good. There are some other peeps around him that aren't so bad.

But my favorite parts were with the trio.

"What the hells is going on in your thick skull, old man?" she demanded. "You look like you ate a cat turd." She tried to poke him again but he batted her hand away. "Ho ho! Old man is grumpy. You spend too much time thinking. Explains your cat turd face. I'll fetch idiot. Let's go back to Leichtes Haus for drinks."

"Fine." Bedeckt turned into the crowd and shoved his way through. People complained only until they caught sight of his scarred face and body and the massive ax slung over his shoulder.

He heard Stehlen shouting at Wichtig, "Hey, idiot! Cat-turd face needs a pint."

I totally wasn't expecting that ending either. Still loved the book!!

Happy Reading!

Mel ❤️



Sunday, February 25, 2018

Lux Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Katy knows the world changed the night the Luxen came.

She can't believe Daemon welcomed his race or stood by as his kind threatened to obliterate every last human and hybrid on Earth. But the lines between good and bad have blurred, and love has become an emotion that could destroy her—could destroy them all.

Daemon will do anything to save those he loves, even if it means betrayal.

They must team with an unlikely enemy if there is any chance of surviving the invasion. But when it quickly becomes impossible to tell friend from foe, and the world is crumbling around them, they may lose everything— even what they cherish most—to ensure the survival of their friends…and mankind.

War has come to Earth. And no matter the outcome, the future will never be the same for those left standing..

Back in the day, I had this plan for the off chance that I was around for the whole end-of-the-world thing. It involved climbing up on my roof and blasting R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World as We Know it (And I Feel Fine)" as loud as humanly possible, but real life rarely turns out that cool.

It was happening-everything about the world as we knew it was ending, and it sure as hell did not feel fine. Or Cool.

The Luxen invasion happened. =(

and things changed for everyone.

People were being killed left and right. Daemon, Dawson and Dee were taken away to go with the leader. Katy, Archer and Beth were left to try to stay alive.

But Daemon made his way back. They all eventually did. Took Dee awhile as she was brainwashed the most.

And there were still some funny tidbits in the book. I love when a book can throw in some funny moments.

Archer sighed like a petulant teenager stuck in a car for too long. There was a beat of silence. "Are we there yet?"

Daemon groaned. "I'm going to sew your damn lips together."


Well, shit balls for dinner on Sunday.

I'm going to have to remember and use that last one =)

And lo and behold, they team up with some of the enemy alien friends, the Arum. I love Hunter, he was my favorite Arum. Their leader was a crackpot =D

We have some show downs with the alien races and the human mutants. Some people get killed that made me sad.

But the ending made me so happy. Everyone together that mattered for the most part. And a new edition, Ashley. That's all I'm saying party people.

Happy Reading!

Mel ♥ 



Night Shift by Charlaine Harris


From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels comes the third novel of Midnight, Texas, the town where some secrets will never see the light of day...

At Midnight’s local pawnshop, weapons are flying off the shelves—only to be used in sudden and dramatic suicides right at the main crossroads in town. Who better to figure out why blood is being spilled than the vampire Lemuel, who, while translating mysterious texts, discovers what makes Midnight the town it is. There’s a reason why witches and werewolves, killers and psychics, have been drawn to this place... @Amazon 

Let me see where this takes me ❤️

Well I'm sad that it's over =( I wish someone would tell me she decided to write more of Midnight, Texas. I'm happy with the ending but not totally satisfied. I want more! I want to read more about the people. Where are they going? More back stories? What's going to happen with certain people? Sighhhhhhhhh........

I love the slow life of this little town. I wouldn't necessarily want all of the bad things that happen but if you have some good friends then you can get through it =D

I adore these characters and I'm going to miss them. Just because you live in a small town doesn't mean there isn't all kinds of things that go on. Especially in Midnight! Uggg, Charlaine Harris, write more of these!

Either way, I enjoyed my jaunt through Midnight and will return again.

Happy Reading!

Mel ♥



Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

In Midnight Crossroad, Charlaine Harris returns to the one-traffic-light town you see only when you’re on the way to someplace else....There is no such thing as bad publicity, except in Midnight, Texas, where the residents like to keep to themselves. Even in a town full of secretive people, Olivia Charity is an enigma. She lives with the vampire Lemuel, but no one knows what she does; they only know that she’s beautiful and dangerous.
Psychic Manfred Bernardo finds out just how dangerous when he goes on a working weekend to Dallas and sees Olivia there with a couple who are both found dead the next day. To make matters worse, one of Manfred’s regular — and very wealthy — clients dies during a reading.
Manfred returns from Dallas embroiled in scandal and hounded by the press. He turns to Olivia for help; somehow he knows that the mysterious Olivia can get things back to normal. As normal as things get in Midnight...@goodreads

Angels and vampires and were-tigers! Oh My!! This trilogy just gets better and better!!

This story was amaze balls! I was sad at first that Lemuel was out of town and we only get a bit of him. Then it hit me. This book is called Dayshift and the last one Nightshift. Duh! He will be prominent in the last book.

Anyhoo, in this book, Manfred goes out of town to do some face to face readings for clients. He happens to be at the same hotel as Olivia. And there are a couple of mysterious deaths surrounding a couple Olivia was seen with. BUT. Manfred has his own issues to deal with as one of his best clients falls over dead at the reading. And her psycho son blames Manfred. There is a whole thing about jewels and what not.

Meanwhile, new goings on in the little town of Midnight. Some rich company has refurbished the old hotel and moved in some senior citizens. The townspeople don't like this as they like to stay off the map. And things are very strange about the hotel and goings on. But, Manfred and Olivia get some of the residents to help them try to get Manfred out of trouble over his clients death. It was great fun! Also, one of the nephews of an old timer has some talks with Manfred about how they both know Sookie Stackhouse 😄 I was so thrilled!

Then we have a little boy who's dad leaves him with the Rev for a bit. Something isn't right about this kind boy with the lavender eyes. He grows everyday. And something else .....

This book was so much fun! There are things going on all over the place! I'm excited for the next book but sad it's the last one. Unless someone tells me another is going to come out!

Happy Reading!

Mel ❤️



Friday, February 23, 2018

Lux Consequences by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Now available together for the first time, don't miss Opal and Origin, the third and fourth books in Jennifer L. Armentrout's bestselling Lux series. Also includes bonus content exclusive to the print edition! "A thrilling ride from start to finish," says RT Book Reviews.

After everything, I’m no longer the same Katy. I’m different…and I’m not sure what that will mean in the end. When each step we take in discovering the truth puts us in the path of the secret organization responsible for torturing and testing hybrids, the more I realize there is no end to what I’m capable of. The death of someone close still lingers, help comes from the most unlikely source, and friends will become the deadliest of enemies, but we won’t turn back. Even if the outcome will shatter our worlds forever.

Daemon will do anything to get Katy back. After the successful but disastrous raid on Mount Weather, he’s facing the impossible. Katy is gone. Taken. Everything becomes about finding her. But the most dangerous foe has been there all along, and when the truths are exposed and the lies come crumbling down, which side will Daemon and Katy be standing on? And will they even be together?

Wow, these two books were awesome!

There were some sad things with the characters with some deaths from the last book. This made a rift between some friends but luckily they finally came back together.

We are introduced to some new characters that I just loved! Luc, Paris and Archer. Although, Archer may have been in the other books, he sounds familiar but I don't think so. They are all totally cool!

One person I hated came back and I hated them even more. They are full of lies and they just keep on lying! Actually, we find some people that went missing in the other books.

Katy and Daemon promise to help Dawson try to save Beth from the evil corporation that has her. They have a lot of people/aliens and they are evil and I hate them. This plot to save Beth went to hell in a handbasket but we knew that it would. Everything worked out in the end though.

There were some really sweet things happen with Katy and Daemon which made me so happy.

Some truths came out about certain aliens that were traitors. I knew it too! I had that one pegged but it still hurt to find out they were the ones calling the evil people and siding with them.

A lot of revelations people! A lot! More deaths that were sad =(

And the ending freaked me out! I have to find out what is going to happen! I'm sure it will turn out for the best. I hope so anyway!

Overall, I'm having fun with this series and will continue with the last book and the prequels and other little side books =)

Happy Reading!

Mel ♥