Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Fairyloot October Unboxing

Here is the October Fairyloot Unboxing! I love everything in it! Omg! I just hope I like the book too! 

First we have this freaking amazing book sleeve! Y'all know I'm obsessed with booksleeves! I haven't even shown y'all my new ones but I digress! This one though, had a freaking zipper at the top! A freaking zipper! I'm shook! I don't show the zipper though but still and it's a quote from Dracula designed by @noverantale

Next is a freaking awesome beanie designed by @kdpletters with a vampire vibe =)

Next is a set of gothic vampire coasters designed by @blanca.design 

Next up is a beautiful candle by @themeltinglibrary and inspired by Interview With A Vampire! 

Then we have a bat enamel pin by @taratjah and it's super cute! 

Next is a Twilight sticker with a beautiful quote and designed by @catarinabookdesigns

Then we have a beautiful vampire art print by @monolimeart

Here is the author note, bookmark and a map!

Finally we have the book with sprayed edges and a art piece under the dustjacket. 

Oh and we got the two tarot cards but it doesn't say on my spoiler card who they are but I will show you anyway =) 

That's all everyone! I hope you all enjoyed =)


Friday, October 25, 2019

Faecrate October Unboxing

This is the October Faecrate Unboxing. There are some awesome stuff in the box and I'm happy with it and the book is one I had on my amazon wishlist =) 

We have a Reign The Earth Patch by Reading Revelry

Next we have a Meira Chapstick inspired by Snow Like Ashes. It has berry scent in it and I love it. 

We have some awesome "SMILE AND BLEED" socks inspired by The Bone Witch =)

We have this freaking awesome Strange The Dreamer mouse pad. =)

Then there is a pillowcase inspired by Mia from Nevernight, whom I don't like right now 

The Collector Coin of the month is inspired by Three Dark Crowns 

And the cutest little polaroid of the Darkest Minds 

And the book, The Never Tilting World by Rin Chupeco, author of The Bone Witch trilogy.

Well, that's all peeps =) I hope you guys enjoyed! 

Mel ♥

Monday, October 21, 2019

Nerdy Post Supernatural Unboxing

I had to get this box because the last season of Supernatural is on right now and it bums me out. I really loved what we got in the box. I hope you guys enjoy the pics. 

Above we have the wonderful tee that came with the box. 

Next we have a fantastic pin! 

We have a cool keychain with one of Dean's sayings. I actually have a magnet of this too. 

Then we have the cutest little scarf! OMG! 

The rest of the pictures consist of: a sticker, different cardstock prints, color me postcard, a couple of bookmarks, and some larger artwork. 


Saturday, October 19, 2019

Owlcrate October Unboxing

It's that time! The October Owlcrate Book Unboxing! We got two freaking books and I love them, well I have wanted to read them! We didn't get many bookish items but what we did get, I love so much and I'm totally fine with two books and a few bookish things so it all works out! 

First we have an Illuminae Files inspired book tin designed by Stella Bookish Art. I will show the front back and inside. 

Then we have these freaking awesome Saga magnetic bookmarks by Craftedvan

Next we have a beautiful The Lunar Chronicles pendant necklace designed by Iron and Ink Designs

We have two enamel pins this time to go with both books and designed by The Enchanted Bookshop

And finally the two books. We also got a cute sticker inspired by Warcross and designed by Blanca Montiel. I added it with the first book. 

I Hope You Get This Message 

Of course all books are signed inside and come with author letter. 

The next book: 

Crier's War

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! I look forward to reading these two books! 

Mel ♥

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

October TWD Supply Drop Unboxing

It's that time! The October Walking Dead Box is here! I hope you like the pictures. I love all the things. I didn't do a good job at taking a picture of the shirt, sorry

Lets go ahead and get the tshirt out of the way! It has different pictures and sayings on it. 

Next is a sweet little Judith Funko Pop. I was hopeing to get Dog but they showed what we were getting on Talking Dead so I knew she was coming. I will have to preorder Dog. They did say we are getting a Funko in all future boxes, so that's a thing! 

Then we have a beautiful Rick Grimes King County Sheriff Badge Replica Notebook 

Next is the replica bracelet Daryl made for Carol and I love it =) 

Next we got this card that you scratch to get some code to go into the apple store and play the game. I don't know. 

Next we have some cool stickers and we can also go to the app store and download them to our phones, which scares me so I don't know. 

And last we got a Michonne puzzle which looks cool! 

That's all folks. Have a great day! 

Mel ♥

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

FaeCrate Capturing The Devil Book Hangover Recovery Kit

Here it is my friends, the Capturing The Devil Book Box! I hope you enjoy the lovely things. 

First up we have the Thomas Cresswell Plushie, he's a cutie! 

We have a Dracul Family Crest Collectors Coin

Next is a Constellation Orchid Pin 

We have Audrey Rosehips Tea 

We have these Dragon Cane Hair Sticks. I just took a picture of the top so you can kinda see the design 

Here is a "Stand Out" wall hanging.

Next is an awesome fleece throw blanket. I took this one out on the deck as usual 

Here is a character card set. They are gorgeous

Daciana's Gift Bath Salts

"If Lost" Socks

This awesome double-sided book sleeve

This think had me stumped until Iooked on the card! I thought it was some kind of deranged bathing soot!Lol! It's actually Audrey's Steamer Luggage Cover which is pretty cool! 

And here are the things that came with the book if you ordered the book box. I didn't add the alternate cover print, I just added the 4 dustjackets because I am stupid and thought it was the same as the regular cover! Lol 

The book obviously

The 4 dustjackets! OMG! I'm getting the first one I'm showing framed like I did with the Nevernight dustjackets. 

Then we got this BEUTIFUL freaking art print! OMG! I want to get this framed but it has a cool skull on the back side. I'm going to put it on one of those strings with clips so I can at least have it out. I will show both sides. 

And finally we got a deleted scene an author letter. Oh and I added the spoiler card cause it's pretty =) 

Thanks all peeps! I hope y'all enjoyed =) 

Mel ♥