Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Friday, April 3, 2015

The American Midwest- a bucolic ideal that hasn’t quite translated to the zombie apocalypse. Instead of open arms and welcoming faces, there are now open mouths and ravenous Zs. The blue collar drive to work hard is now a red-mouthed hunger for flesh.
Jace Stanford, as well as the remnants of the survivors of Whispering Pines, and the rag tag bunch of private military contractors, laborers, and former (everyone hopes) cannibals now must face the vast, exposed space of America’s Heartland in order to get to the possible sanctuary of The Stronghold in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Boulder, Colorado.
Just a simple convoy from point A to point B, right? Yeah, right. Not for these folks.
Z-Burbia 5: The Bleeding Heartlands is full of blood, guts, pus, and snark as Jace and company are forced to deal with yet another whacko group of crazy survivors, zombie hordes on a scale they have never seen, and the mystery of who keeps skinning folks and leaving the butchered bodies as some type of bloody warning.
Yep, just another fun time in Z-Burbia for the Stanfords! @goodreads



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I love all of these Z-Burbia books by Jake Bible. I love the characters. I laugh at Jace through the whole book. I mean he's nuts. His nickname is Long Pork that he obtained a while back from an almost canny eating, that is a cannibal eating him :) Now he has a new nickname; Short Pork. I am not even giving the spoiler away on that one.!

Elsbeth is still my hero and just as bad to the bone!

It seems like the crew drag themselves out of a bad situation right into another one. Not only do they have to fight through HUGE zombie hoardes, there is a new kind of zombie that we haven't figured out yet in this book.

They run into some wackadoos, I mean the zombie apocalypse is full of these jerks, that happen to be a cult. Jace and some of the crew are captured by them and have to make it through a zombie pit in total darkness.

Along the way they keep running into human bodies that are skinned with bloody warnings written on walls! The skin sitting off to the side! Yuck!

They pick up another for their crew and lose some. I'm not giving away spoilers in this book, you need to read to see.

I'm ready for the next one to come out to see what in the hell they are going to do now that there is a sh*t storm coming! 5 Stars

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