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Welcome All Book Lovers

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Sword of Shannara Trilogy

THE SWORD OF SHANNARA: Long ago, the world of Shea Ohmsford was torn apart by war. But the half-human, half-elfin, Shea now lives in peace - until the forbidding figure of Allanon appears, to reveal that the long dead Warlock Lord lives again

THE ELFSTONES OF SHANNARA: Ancient evil threatens the Elves and the Races of Man. For the Ellcrys, the tree of long-lost Elven magic, is dying - loosing the spell of Forbidding that locks the hordes of Demons away from Earth. Only one source has the power to stop it: the Elfstones of Shannara.

THE WISHSONG OF SHANNARA: Evil stalks the Four Lands as the Ildatch, immemorial book of evil spells, has stirred to eldritch life. Once again Allanon, ancient Druid Protector of the Races, must seek the help of a descendant of Jerle Shannara. @ goodreads



This book is a trilogy so I'm going to break it down into each book. There will be ***SPOILERS***

The Sword of Shannara:

This is the beginning of many books in the series. A Druid named Allanon comes looking for the half elf Shea so he can get the sword to destroy the Warlock Lord. Shea's brother Flick comes along for the journey. They have to fight for their lives with all sorts of evil creatures. They pick up some friends along the way and Allanon recruits more to help. Menion Leah is a friend of Shea's and he decides he is going. He is the prince of Leah. Balinor is a borderman and the Prince of Callahorn. You have Hendel the dwarf and Durin and Dayel who are elf brothers. They fight off gnomes and all sorts of this and that creatures. At one point, they get separated when Shea falls off of a cliff into the water that takes him away. He is eventually taken prisoner by the gnomes who are taking him to the Warlock Lord.

I just know I'm leaving some stuff out! So the others keep traveling as they are all headed in the same direction. OH and duh! I forgot to mention Allanon gives Shea the elfstones which has magic to the one who has them. He uses them to fight off a few monsters when it's just him, Flick and Menion.

Anyway, so they all make it to the city where the Warlock Lord is and all kinds of stuff ensue as they are looking for the Sword. The sword isn't there, they fight with gnomes and other such creatures, everyone gets split up again. I mean they need to be attached at the hip.

The gnomes who took Shea prisoner were killed by a funny character and theif named Panamon Creel. He has a friend who is a Rock Troll named Keltset. I loved Keltset. They find a gnome that was hiding and a little off his rocker. He has all of these weapons and random stuff he stole and guess what? one of the swords is the Sword of Shannara but everyone is too stupid to look at them closely. By the time Shea figures it out the gnome got loose and is on the run.

Closing this up before I tell the whole story, Menion Leah finds a woman he saves and falls in love with, a few of them die and the day is saved when they finally get the sword and kill the Warlock Lord.

I liked this book, but I really wish that Keltset didn't get killed. I was hoping to have him in more of the stories.


Ok, this book jumps ahead 50 years! I was sad because more of the people are dead now :( I thought it would go on with their stories, but nope! So we have in this book Wil who is a relative to Shea and Flick. They are still alive and run an inn. They are his grandfather and great uncle.

Allanon comes to him to help with some more bad stuff coming. He gets the elfstones but he doesn't have too much magic in him and they only work a little bit.

What happens is the elves have a tree called the Ellcrys. She keeps all of the evil demons, etc. in a place called the Forbidding. But she is dying and they are starting to escape. There are 7 Chosen to take care of the tree, but one of the demons tears all but one to shreds! They are all males. The one female, Amberle didn't want to do it so she was banished. Soooo, Allanon gets Wil to go on the adventure and talk Amberle into taking the seed from the tree to the Bloodfire. This makes the seed be reborn and has to be returned to the earth.

So once again, we are off on a journey. I fall in love with Amberle, she is really sweet. Her and Wil fall in love for a short time. To make this one short, they find the place they need to go and get the seed all set up.

Meanwhile, the elves and Allanon are fighting the demons that escaped when the ellcrys finally died.

When they finally get back Amberle goes to the dead tree and "She" becomes the new tree. Of course, Wil is heartbroken!

There are other characters in the book but I didn't want to drag it out, but one is a woman named Eretria who ends up staying with Wil. This story was pretty good.


Twenty years later...

This one is great. Eretria and Wil have two children, Brin and Jair. They inherited a gift from the Elves called the Wishsong. They sing and it causes magic. Well you can guess what I'm going to say next :) Here comes good ole Allanon! He asks Brin to come on a journey with him to use her wishsong to destroy a book or the same ole junk is going to happen. Jair has to go off on his own journey.

Rone Leah goes with Brin and Allanon. He is Menion Leah's great grandson and a prince himself. He is in love with Brin too.

They come upon some wonderful characters in this book. Jair runs into a gnome named Slanter, who is a tracker. Him and his gnome buddies drag Jair with them, but Slanter seems like he likes Jair.

They all run into Garet Jax who kills them all but Slanter as he is a good gnome and they escort Jair on his journey.

Slanter is freakin hilarious! He's always going on about this and that and thinks everyone is stupid! I love him.

Brin and Rone come across some new friends. One is Cogline a crazy old man who is hilarious, his granddaughter Kimber Boh and their moor cat Whisper, which is huge. They go with them on their journey after Allanon is killed. Yep, Allanon is killed, but he is still a spirit in the water.

Anyway, Brin does what she is supposed to do and puts an end to that evilness.

I liked these books, but my review can't give them credit because I loved so many people and there were so many things going on that it would take forever to even mention. I thought I was just get to the point of most things and mention some of the people that I really enjoyed. I have a few more of the trilogies and I wonder how far in the future these are going to go or if they are going to backtrack, I'm not sure yet.

At any rate, they are good books with loveable characters.  4 Stars

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