Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Cat Who Came In Off The Roof by Annie M.G. Schmidt

In the tradition of The Cricket in Times Square comes this charming tale of courage, friendship, and what it really means to be human. This classic, which originated in Holland and has withstood the test of time worldwide, will appeal to readers young and old—and dog and cat lovers alike!

An act of kindness brings shy reporter Mr. Tibble into contact with the unusual Miss Minou. Tibble is close to losing his job because he only writes stories about cats. Fortunately, Minou provides him with real news. She gets the juicy inside information from her local feline friends, who are the eyes and ears of the neighborhood. Tibble is appreciative, but he wonders how she does it. He has noticed that Minou is terrified of dogs and can climb trees and rooftops with elegance and ease. . . . It’s almost as if she’s a cat herself. But how can that be? @goodreads


https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1388515610            5 STARS

I thought this was a delightful read and would recommend to anyone that has kids or just loves to read children's books such as I do :)

Poor Mr. Tibble works for the Killenthorn Courier and his boss has told him he will be fired if he doesn't go out and get real stories. All he writes about are cats and anything nice. He's too shy to go around talking to people and finding stories for the paper.

One day when he's walking home he is talking to a man and out of the blue runs a woman being chased by a dog and she flies up a tree at an incredible speed. Mr. Tibble soon gets her down but wonders how in the world did she get up that tree so fast.

That same night he is pacing his attic apartment talking to his cat Fluff about being fired if he can't come up with something. Later on that night he hears a noise in the kitchen and he finds the lady digging through his garbage can! She said her name is Minou and he fixes her something to eat and finding out her story.

Her story is so incredible that he can't believe it until she helps him with his job and he becomes a great writer for the paper.

Mr. Tibble and Miss Minou go through a bunch of stories and scrapes together along with a large assortment of friends.

I loved it, it's such a sweet little story and it even has some good lessons about the caring of animals in the book.

*I would like to thank NETGALLEY and RANDOM HOUSE for the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for my honest review.*


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