Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Saturday, November 28, 2015

OWLS: Our Most Charming bird by Matt Sewell

In this beautiful follow-up to Our Garden Birds, Our Songbirds and Our Woodland Birds, street artist Matt Sewell captures the world’s most evocative bird: the owl. In his much-loved pop-art watercolours and accompanied with his whimsical descriptions, Matt Sewell expresses the individual characters of owls as never before.

From tiny Elf Owls to huge Eagle Owls, from the mysterious creatures of the night to an impossibly fluffy baby owl, they are undoubtedly one of the world’s most intriguing feathered friends. These wise, magical birds are otherworldly in their striking colours and stature, and it's not just birdwatchers who are obsessed. With 50 hand-selected, hand-painted owls, this is a delightful gift which appeals to owl lovers, bird-watching enthusiasts, children, adults and art and design fans alike. @goodreads



This is the cutest little book. The drawings are so sweet and the little bits of information and whit from the author are very interesting! I didn't know there were that many owl species, although I'm sure there are a lot more than listed in this book!

I'm going to add a picture of one of the owls in the book, then a few different real owl pictures and some facts from the book about that owl


Above is the Northern Saw-Whet Owl from the book, isn't that a precious little picture? They are all like that in the book. I wish I could draw like that! Below, is a picture of the same owl in real life.

The Northern Saw-Whet Owl is one of the smallest owls in North America
Next: Ural Owl

Ural Owl:

The book says the Ural Owl is in the Ural mountain forests and Siberian steppes. They are known as one of the the toughest owls around!
Next: Greater Sooty Owl

Greater Sooty Owl:

I think this owl is just beautiful! The book says this goth Barn Owl is not dangerous in any way--except to the small rodents and bugs that he stalks through the eucalyptus forests of northern Australia, his jet-black wizard's cloak contrasting brilliantly with his white markings, shining as bright as the stars of the southern hemisphere.

I like some of the descriptions in this book :)

Next: Snowy Owl


I couldn't leave this owl out... Harry Potter... anyway, the book states, a monarch of the tundra, the Snowy Owl is a whopper, close to an eagle-owl in height and hunting prowess, feeding upon lemmings, ptarmigans, and other winter fare by snatching her prey with her massive moonboots. To protect against the cruel temperatures of the arctic, her feet are ensconced in thick feathers, styled in a brilliance of frosted white.

I loved this little book of owls. I loved the drawings and being able to google the real owl and seeing how brilliant they truly are and I would recommend this for any owl lover. I might have to get one for my cousin that loves owls, but she can look up all of the real owls herself! :)

*I would like to thank BLOGGING FOR BOOKS for a print copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.* 





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