Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Out Of The Darkness by Heather Graham

A love rekindled…or a deadly reunion?

Even after a decade, Sarah Hampton is haunted by the night that nearly ended in a bloody massacre and destroyed her high school romance with handsome Tyler Grant. Now the horror has returned. It’s a reckoning from the events of that terrifying night—and a love they never let go. Only this time Tyler must protect Sarah from the killer hiding in the darkness…or lose her forever.

From New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham! @goodreads 

I loved the beginning of the book when a bunch of friends were going to Haunted Houses. But when they got to the Cemetery Mansion, Sarah's little brother Davey wouldn't go inside. He kept saying the house was evil. And in fact, it was, or rather the person inside the house. Davey ran in with Sarah and saved the day by killed a serial killer per say. There were mutilated bodies everywhere. Davey ended up saving all of Sarah's friends, including her boyfriend, Tyler.

But things were not the same for everyone after this ordeal and they stopped talking to each other and some even moved away, including Tyler.

It's been a decade and someone is killing the victims that survived. Sarah contacts Tyler who is a PI and he comes back to help with the case. Then another person is found dead and mutilated but it isn't the right friend. Who could this person be if Davey killed the real killer years ago?

They all band together with the police and help track down the killer. Another nutcase in wonderful world of psycho's.

*Thank you to BookishFirst for a print copy of this book.

 Happy Reading! 

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