Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, March 1, 2018


The piece of art is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I want to tell you a story of how I got this, the videos and story of the man that made it and some other things that brought me to this place. 

I had been seeing a couple on Saturdays nights on PBS for a couple of years. This video would come on in between watching British Comedies and Mysteries. I wanted to find out more about this couple but I was too stupid at the time to figure out how to find them. I kept thinking that PBS should share a link. Then one night I was watching a youtube video and they shared a link to a woman that died of cancer. You're wondering, what does this have to do with this piece of art? I will try to add that letter later from the lady but I thought to myself that I want to do more work with charities besides the ones I have worked with for years. 

Then the light bulb finally went off in my little brain. I thought, I'm going to keep a pen and paper handy the next Sat night of British fun. Sure enough, they came on and I wrote down the name of the man; Steve Dezember II. I listened very closely to what his wife was saying and I got a name. Driveforacure. Or something along those lines. I googled until I found the website. I couldn't believe I found them. I just typed in his name and then the Drive and there you go. They also have Facebook etc but I'm not on any of that stuff. I didn't need to be, I found all that I need to find. I was so super excited so I took off to the site and unfortunately there were only a couple of paintings. So, I sent a message to the contact email and Jeremy told me they were going to be getting the canvases ready and up on the website soon. I was so happy AGAIN! 

Eventually, I was able to get one of the canvases. I was going to get one of the smaller ones because of money but I fell in love with one of the bigger ones so I got it. I felt so happy. I never felt so much joy since the day I rescued my dog. Here is a picture of where I bought the picture above and I got to see the little mark above it showing it was sold. It was mine. ♥ I had to go and get a ton of my stuff to sell to get this canvas but it made me feel wonderful. My dad asked me why I'm selling so much of my stuff and I said let me show you....

 As you can see above the picture the website. Link Below.


 Photo from Drive website

Here is the Youtube video that broke my heart. 


There are so many people out there that don't want to do anything. That think the world owes them and here is this man with ALS that is so happy that he can do SOMETHING to make money for his family and to help with ALS research. Someone that has already died a couple of times but can still drive his wheelchair and makes art that way. If you look, you can see his tire tracks on my canvas. 

 Here is a link to the letter from the young lady that died of cancer. The main one is on Facebook that I don't go to but they are all over the net and a link was from a different place from the youtube video. Please read this as it will change your mind about things. 


 After reading her letter I felt so sad for her. I thought, I could have switched my life for hers. I have suicidal thoughts and all she wanted was to live. The only reason that keeps me here is my dog. I think my parents would be find without me after they got over it. They would sure be better off I tell you. 

Holly made so many wonderful points in this letter. I have always wanted to spend more time with my dog and with my family. I'm trying to do that with my parents. I'm trying to get them to see that our fighting or anything like that is not worth it because one day we will be gone. 

I am spending more time with my dog in between reading my books or when I'm watching movies I watch them with her. She's just right over there being the most beautiful greyhound in the world. Even though I'm home bound and spend all day with her accept for when mom takes me to all the doctors, I do have my time with her. But I felt like I letting too much time on Goodreads take time away from her or something my dad might want to show me or something. I don't do that any more. I notice the same thing on bloglovin' as Goodreads, if you're not all over people and loving their stuff all of the time they just drop you or start ignoring you. 

Maybe you're a person that is on all of those other social media places. Take time to go away from them. None of those people you don't know are more important for any family you have right now. Yes, that includes your animals because they are family too. I let that happen before with my dog that died from cancer and years ago with my grandmother and I hated myself for it. Now I don't care what people say or do. If you want to be my friend I will be your friend and I will eventually get to things you write. But I have shut off my emails to tons of notifications so I can get to people when I can, when I'm not hurting, when I'm through with family time. NOTHING is more important than the things that are in your life right now. Just remember that. 

Now that I'm through with that preaching ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wanted to get back to the painting for a moment. Buying this painting to help someone else made me feel like I was finally doing something right in the world. When it got here yesterday I cried, hell, I'm crying now. 

Thank you for anyone that has taken the time to read this post and to clink on the links because they are simply amazing and heart wrenching. And remember, never let anyone drag you down and be as close to your family as you can. Much love, Mel ♥

I'm going to add links to the charities I have worked with for years and still work with with the exception of my hometown Humane Society because everyone should have their own hometown Humane Society to clink on  ๐Ÿ˜Š





Thank you again! 

Mel ♥


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