Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Walking Dead Subscription Box November Unboxing

This box made me cry! I was hoping it would have some things pertaining to Rick since his last episode last Sunday. It had some wonderful Rick things in the box and the cover of the box is freaking amazing! Enjoy the pictures... 

The front of the box is totally amazing and I love it! 

This cool picture above is from the front where you open it. 

The next picture is what you see when you first open the box. The black thing is a pull out poster of what's all in the box. It's actually cool and I will show you at the end. 

Then we get to see all of the goodies once I take the poster out. 

Next we have the exclusive bobble head of Rick. I kept the plastic around his neck because I put him back in the box to keep. I have a bobble head of Rick and other characters already sitting out. I will sit him and the box next to them. 

There is a beautiful pin with a saying from Rick. I also took a picture of the saying on the back of the box. And of course you can see the big "Made in China" crap. 

Next we have a utility tool 

Next is a glass stein of Hilltop 

 Next is the a wonderful Tee with Rick and the gang 

 The next few pictures is of the dirt bottom picture and what I found underneath it =)


Here is a book with part of the first episode season 9 script! 

Next is the picture of everyone at the bottom of the box. You're supposed to turn it to where it stands up and put Rick's bobblehead in his little spot between them. I forgot to do that but you can see a picture of it in the last picture of what all is in the box =) 

The end! I hope you enjoyed the pictures! This box is awesome. I just noticed in the last picture you will have to enlarge it to see where they put the bobblehead with the box. Arrgggg! Sorry guys! I hope you can see it. 

Mel ♥

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