Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Monday, January 7, 2019

Owlcrate ~ The Wicked King Box by Holly Black

Hello my peeps! We have the exclusive Owlcrate - The Wicked King Box! I can't believe it's already here and the rest of my pre-orders of the book should be here tomorrow! Woot! 

I apologize for the pictures this time. I tried doing them on a chair on our deck but the sun was so bright they are not that great! Gah! I will get it sorted one day =) Uh, and I didn't feel like going and cropping the pictures! Bad day, ya know. Enjoy =)

Here's all the stuff! 

Next we have a totally cool scarf by Bookmark'd Tattoos! I love the designs! 

Next we have a woodwick candle (love woodwick candles) by Alchemy and Ink. We also have some tea (faerie fruit tea) by Riddle's Tea Shoppe

A freaking fantastic pouch! I love these, I collect pens and fill these up quickly. I also love the quote on the pouch. This pouch is from Reverie and Ink.

We have the cutest little acorn necklace! I love it so much! And a pin which I always love! 

We have another beautiful pin along with a 2 sided bookmark. I will show one side here and the other side in the next picture. 

The other side of the bookmark and a gem soap =) 

And last but not least, the book along with a stunning piece of artwork that I will be having framed to put on my walls. I am still going to give y'all a wall tour when I get the one side done. 

Happy Reading!

Mel ♥


  1. The goodies are awesome..
    And Melissa I love so much your enthusiasm!!!!

  2. I love the book and bookmarks. Kind of want the owlcrate just for the books. Wish there was a way to just buy the books from them. I think your pictures turned out great!