Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Insect Hotel by David Stringer

A 2013 Wishing Shelf Gold award Winner! With Amazon US and UK having a combined Twenty seven 5* reviews with comments like "Masterfully executed to include humour, reality and a pinch of magic!" and "A warm and beautifully genuine children's book".

Read the fun times and adventures Harry and his Dad share together during the day while working in their garden, then enjoy the fictional bed time stories Dad creates for Harry about all the new insect friends they have met that day.

The book also contains a lovely foreword from Nature expert and TV personality 'Bill Oddie' who shares his high regard for both book and author with quotes like "if you think you can write better, I bet you can't!".

A book you and your young one's will love and share together. @goodreads



First off the cover of this book is so beautiful!!

It's a sweet little fast read for children and their parents or adults :)

This book is about Harry and his dad making an inset hotel and his dad made up stories about the bugs they put in the hotel. It was so cute and I loved the little bugs. They all had names and their own little stories!

The author tells at the end how they made their real insect hotel and I think it's a great idea :)  

5 Stars

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