Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lust & Wonder by Augusten Burroughs

In chronicling the development and demise of the different relationships he's had while living in New York, Augusten Burroughs examines what it means to be in love, what it means to be in lust, and what it means to be figuring it all out. With Augusten's unique and singular observations and his own unabashed way of detailing both the horrific and the humorous, Lust and Wonder is an intimate and honest memoir that his legions of fans have been waiting for. @goodreads



I remember way back when I worked at the post office and I was listening to "Running With Scissors" on my headphones and cracking up and being appalled at the same time. I could not help myself falling in love with the craziness that is Augusten Burroughs. He's funny and he doesn't care to share any and everything with people. If only we could all be that way.

This book is about his life when he finally started writing his books and getting them published. This is also about all of the crap he went through with numerous boyfriends. It seems he never could find the right one until the end of this book. I could feel his pain in a way because I have been with numerous jerk dudes through out my life but I gave up.

I don't know what it is about Augusten that is so funny and so out there. I guess it's just him being him and not really caring what the world thinks, at least in a sense. I mean it's pretty hard to put all of your intimate stuff in a book and hope to God people will love it.

Let me tell you, in this book, he had to deal with some real nutzy cuckoo's in his life and he also was a bit nutzy cuckoo himself but his younger life was a mad house. I felt for him in "Running With Scissors." Poor little boy. 

My childhood had been hijacked by drunks, pedophiles, lunatics, and surrealists, so I grew up in a world unrelated to the actual planetary body beneath my feet. I was at the mercy of the off-the-rails adults around me. The upside was, I became determined as an adult to do what I wanted: become an author, get published, become sober, get love.

Security and love, these were the two things I did not feel as a child, so I chased after them now, sometimes bumping into things and knocking them down in the process. I was an emotional Great Dane, hugely needy and clumsy.

Augusten also talks about getting sober and falling off the wagon for some time while he was with a man named Dennis. But he got back on the wagon again and on to another relationship. It's such a shame he had to waste so many years with these people that were nothing really.

This book is raw and open just like Augusten always is in his books. I loved it. He is really cool and I got to find out more things about him that I didn't learn in other books. I think anyone that has enjoyed his books before would like this one just as much.

*I would like to thank St. Martin's Press for a print copy of this book through The Reading Room in exchange for my honest review.*





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