Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Lady Mechanika Volulme 2

After a young friend shows up unexpectedly on her doorstep, Lady Mechanika immediately drops everything to come to her aid. They embark on a globe-spanning trek filled with ancient artifacts, secret societies, and scientific curiosities, but Lady Mechanika is eventually confronted with an impossible decision: the life of her friend, or the fate of all humankind.

Set in a fictionalized steampunk Victorian England, a time when magic and superstition clashed with new scientific discoveries and inventions, LADY MECHANIKA chronicles a young woman's obsessive search for her identity after a mad scientist's horrific experiments left her with mechanical limbs and no memory of her past.

This volume collects the entire second LADY MECHANIKA story, The Tablet of Destinies, along with a gorgeous cover art gallery. @goodreads 

The only reason it wasn't a 5 star for me is for something I didn't like in the beginning of the book.

Lady Mechanika ends up with a visit from little Winifred. She thinks something has happened to her grandfather. He's in Africa trying to find a treasure. Made me think of Indiana Jones for some reason. Then some evil people come on the scene and you know how that goes.

Mechanika and Winifred set out to find her grandfather and these evil people keep kidnapping Winifred and Mechanika keeps having to get her back. It was crazy. They have some help from friends.

On the way to Africa they get blown down by said evil people and end up stuck in the Sahara Desert. Then they meet some people and make new friends. Then Winifred gets kidnapped again and so forth and so on. Things finally work out and we all live happily ever after =D

I will leave you with some art from the book but they are in no order.



  1. When I saw you were reading this I was interested to see what you would think of it. They look really interesting. The pictures are awesome! Thanks for posting them!!

    1. I love the first and second one. The graphics are awesome! ♥