Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ross Poldark by Winston Graham

In the first novel in Winston Graham’s hit series, a weary Ross Poldark returns to England from war, looking forward to a joyful homecoming with his beloved Elizabeth. But instead he discovers his father has died, his home is overrun by livestock and drunken servants, and Elizabeth—believing Ross to be dead—is now engaged to his cousin. Ross has no choice but to start his life anew.
Thus begins the Poldark series, a heartwarming, gripping saga set in the windswept landscape of Cornwall. With an unforgettable cast of characters that spans loves, lives, and generations, this extraordinary masterwork from Winston Graham is a story you will never forget.@goodreads 


Some of my friends in two different groups I'm in started reading this series so I thought, let me watch a little bit of the show on Amazon Prime. Um, yeah, then I decided I needed all of the books even though there is something going to happen that I didn't like but let the pictures do the talking =)


Okay, so we have the beautiful Ross Poldark going off off to war thinking he would be coming home to his wonderful Elizabeth that he had fell in love with...

Uh, no. Ross comes back 2 years later to his cousin, Francis, marrying his wonderful Elizabeth. Happy day to you dear, Ross. All is fair in love and war, right? < --- I can't believe I just said that!

Moving on. So Ross then has to work himself to the bone to get Nampara back to rights. His father died not long ago and the keepers, Jud and Prudie, let it go to hell in a handbasket!

I loved these two though, they are so freaking funny!

And then Ross happens to be in town one day with Jud buying some livestock for the home when he spies some street urchin fighting with some boys over a dog. They were going to do bad things. The only thing I don't like about these books is a few bad things they do to animals. They can kiss my arse! And Demelza feels the same, so there.

And we have the beautiful, Demelza, playing a boy but is really a beautiful warm soul underneath. Her and her dog Garrick. Okay, so she can hold her own in a brawl as best she can and says whatever she feels but that's the way it should be!

Ross is starting to looking into going into partnership in a mine. He doesn't really want to bother with his own for reasons. But, we get the beginning of what could be something started with the Wheel Leisure mine.

There are a lot of different things going on in the book but I believe I have rambled forever and a day!

Let me just add that some things turn around for Ross and Demelza. He starts to notice her among other things

And then they get married, yes married. And I love Ross cousin, Verity. She is so sweet and she tries to help tame Demelza and becomes a most cherished of friends.

I love this book, I love the tv show and I do believe I will love the rest with the exception of one thing I know that's going to happen and will make me want to beat the living you know what out of Ross. That's all I'm saying.

Team Demelza all the way! ♥




  1. Awesome review! Glad this one was a hit for you! :)

  2. Ohh wow great review Melissa and I most certainly don't blame you for reading the books, after seeing the gif's. I have to check these books and tv show out myself. Because I have a real good feeling that I will really love and enjoy the book series and tv series myself. Thank you so much for the awesome post Melissa.