Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Space Between Words by Michele Phoenix

"There were seconds, when I woke, when the world felt unshrouded. Then memory returned."

When Jessica regains consciousness in a French hospital on the day after the Paris attacks, all she can think of is fleeing the site of the horror she survived. But Patrick, the steadfast friend who hasn't left her side, urges her to reconsider her decision. Worn down by his insistence, she reluctantly agrees to follow through with the trip they'd planned before the tragedy.

"The pages found you," Patrick whispered.

"Now you need to figure out what they're trying to say."

During a stop at a country flea market, Jessica finds a faded document concealed in an antique. As new friends help her to translate the archaic French, they uncover the story of Adeline Baillard, a young woman who lived centuries before--her faith condemned, her life endangered, her community decimated by the Huguenot persecution.

"I write for our descendants, for those who will not understand the cost of our survival."

Determined to learn the Baillard family's fate, Jessica retraces their flight from France to England, spurred on by a need she doesn't understand.

Could this stranger who lived three hundred years before hold the key to Jessica's survival? @goodreads

Unfortunately, this book sounded better in the summary to me than it really was but I'm glad there are people out there who love it.

This is about Jessica, Patrick and Vonda all living together in France for a bit. They are happy and having the time of their life until the horrible tragedy.

In the summary it tells you this is about the Paris attacks which was actually the attacks in 2015. Jessica and her friends are not the same again, but who would be?

Images flashed across my memory like a gruesome montage, slamming me with the horror again and again. The gunfire following me to the bloody exit door. The bodies I jumped over as I fled into the alley. The woman screaming, hanging by her fingertips from a second-floor window ledge. Cell phones shining through closed windows, capturing my flight.

There is a point where Jessica makes it out of the hospital and Patrick talks her into staying in France to do this little scavenger hunt type thing they had planned. She does decide to stay and she found some things about some people in the past. It goes into a little of their story in the book as well. But, things were not what they seemed and I found that really sad.

The book still didn't do it for me personally even though I really liked the character, Patrick.

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