Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Saturday, April 20, 2019

No Place Like Here by Christina June

Ashlyn Zanotti has big plans for the summer. She’s just spent a year at boarding school and can’t wait to get home. But when Ashlyn’s father is arrested for tax evasion and her mother enters a rehab facility for “exhaustion,” a.k.a. depression, her life is turned upside down.

The cherry on top? Ashlyn’s father sends her to work with a cousin she doesn’t even know at a rustic team-building retreat center in the middle of nowhere. A self-proclaimed “indoor girl,” not even Ash’s habit of leaving breadcrumb quotes—inspirational sayings she scribbles everywhere—can help her cope.

With a dangerously careless camp manager doling out grunt work, an overbearing father trying to control her even from prison, and more than a little boy drama to struggle with, the summer is full of challenges. And Ashlyn must make the toughest decision of her life: keep quiet and follow her dad’s marching orders, or find the courage to finally stand up to her father to have any hope of finding her way back home.

I freaking loved it!!! It’s so freaking fluffy!!! It’s on my favorites list and I’m gonna buy it!!

Oh, this is the book I never knew I needed! I have missed reading a good fluffy book from time to time!

When I read that this book was basically about a girl that was being sent away to a camp I was hooked, but I’m jumping ahead! Backtrack....

Ashlyn is in boarding school for some things she did in her past. She’s hoping to come home to spend her senior year at her old school and be with her best friend. Welllll.. that didn’t go as planned. Suddenly her father is going to jail for things and her mom is going into rehab for depression. Ash is being sent to relatives she hasn’t seen since she was a tot and she’s working at the Sweetwater Overlook Retreat Center with her cousin, Hannah. I mean you can imagine how Ash is feeling with her world being pulled out from under her.

BUT, at the camp, Ash finds herself and realizes she is stronger than she thinks. Ash finds a bond with her cousin and with Baxter. I love Baxter! Dear God, I hope the author writes more about him and things.

Anyhoo, there are a lot of things that go wrong at the camp with a supposed person in charge, but Ash and Hannah take it upon themselves to get it sorted. It was awesome!

There were other issues Ash had to sort out but it all worked out.

There was a thing they did at camp that involved writing things on a piece of paper and putting it in the bonfire! This reminded me of a similar thing one of my oncology nurses told me to do. Welp, I’m making my lists and going to throw it into the fire on me and dads upcoming bonfire. I totally forgot and we have had a few fires the past few months. But I digress!!

The story is also about family coming back together when it seems all is lost!! FLUFFY!!!

I’m so glad I read it! I’m excited to buy it and read it again! I’m glad I found a happy place in this book!!

I hope others like it but if you don’t, that’s okay? BE YOU!!

*Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me a digital copy of this book or I would have missed it!!*

Happy Reading!