Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Here I am again with more books sleeves. I think I might buy a few more and then stop. Or maybe I should just stop as there are so many!!!! 

I'm going to add a link to the two places I buy the most from. This first one is: 


I got this particular shop to make me two sleeves approved by two of my Goodreads author friends. She won't make book covers without permission. Also, this shop makes different size sleeves which I love as I always get the large for huge hardbacks!

First we have none other than, Mark Lawrence. I only asked for a few of his book covers for her to make so they wouldn't be too crowded on the sleeve and they are freaking awesome! Thank you Mark! 

 My next author is, David Estes. He kindly gave his permission as well and he sleeve is as awesome as Mark's. Thank you, David! FYI: I'm going to be coming after some more of my author's that actually talk to me on Goodreads =)

Next are just a few more random sleeves I bought from this shop! 

I don't remember where I got these random 3 and I might have shown them in Book Sleeves Part 1. I thought I would just put them up here together. 

Next we have: 


I have only 3 this time around from her shop. I also forgot to add the bookmarks she sent with the sleeves. She does that and I'm stupid. I have several more sleeves I want to get from her so we shall see about another Book Sleeve Blog. 

First up we have this beautiful design that is my favorite. She will personalize them for you as well =) 

And last but not least are some crazy ones I made. Boy are they jacked up looking. Lol, but I wanted to make some while I could before my wrists got tendonitis in them! 

Okay, that's all folks! For now anyway! I hope you guys enjoyed! 

Mel ♥