Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Broken Soul by Faith Hunter

Jane Yellowrock is a vampire killer for hire—but other creatures of the night still need to watch their backs....

When the Master of the city of New Orleans asks Jane to improve security for a future visit from a delegation of European vampires, she names an exorbitant price—and Leo is willing to pay. That’s because the European vamps want Leo’s territory, and he knows that he needs Jane to prevent a total bloodbath. Leo, however, doesn’t mention how this new job will change Jane’s life or the danger it will bring her and her team.

Jane has more to worry about than some greedy vampires. There’s a vicious creature stalking the streets of New Orleans, and its agenda seems to be ripping Leo and her to pieces. Now Jane just has to figure out how to kill something she can’t even see…. @goodreads



I always love Jane Yellowrock books. I have been reading these books for some time and I am a little behind with the series. I hope to get caught up, it seems my pre-orders get here and then they get lost in the stacks of books.

Anyway, this book is just as good as any of the series. Although in this one, we find Jane finding herself and becoming more with her beast. Oh, I'm guessing you know she is a shapeshifter. She is finding love, love that has been there but was put on the back burner for certain reasons.

And now there is something out there attacking Jane and some others in the group. It's a snakelike, dragon like, fast thing that you can hardly - if at all - see with the naked eye. And of course, Beast is there to help Jane in anyway she can as they are one.


I woke up on path with dirt under belly and paws. Studied place. Jane had picked good spot to change. Tall grasses and deep shadows. Strange bent and stunted swamp trees. No standing water fallen from the sky - from rain. Smelled of fish and rotten things and snake and skunk and opossum and scat of bobcat. Wesa, a bobcat, had marked territory on tree. I chuffed with laughter. Jane had been Wesa when she took big-cat's form and soul. Jane as Wesa had been strong, good fighter.

Looked for Jane in den of mind. She slept. I, Beast, pressed paw onto her and forced her deeper into sleep. Jane did not know Beast could do this. There was much that Jane did not know. Beast could not decide what to tell her. How to tell her. Was confusing. Jane was like Wesa. And not. Jane could need to know much of what Beast knew. But much would hurt her. Chuffed out breath, confused. Did not like confused.

Hunger gripped belly like Wesa claws. Was not confused at hunger. Understood hunger. Stood and stepped over pile of Jane clothes on ground. Stopped. Looked bak at thing on top of Jane-shirt. Was supposed to smell thing from fight, thing like scale of fish. Lowered head and snuffled, nostrils fluttering. Opened mouth and pulled in air over tongue and roof of mouth in soft scree of sound, taking scent deep.

Strange thing smelled of fish and snake and water of Mississippi. Smelled of burning green things. Knew this creature. Had smelled one before, many years in past, during start of hunger times, when white man had killed off all the animals and cut down all trees, and land itself washed away in the rains. Beast had wanted hunter out of territory. Wanted snake/fish/winged-like bat hunter of prey gone. Wanted it dead. But it was too big to fight. Fangs were full of bad things, smelled of danger.

I always love when Beast in talking of things, finding out things. Beast is smart and Beast is always in Jane's mind when Jane is Jane. Over the years, Jane and Beast have learned more about each other and can communicate with each other. This happens mostly when Jane is Jane. I just love them and I'm going to keep loving them.

In this book Jane is supposed to up the game on security for the Master of the City (Leo) because some other vamps are coming over to...um.. hang out. Yeah, but things go all crazy like they generally do. But Jane and Beast are bad to the bone so look out peeps. 





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