Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Great Amercian Whatever by Tim Federle

Quinn Roberts is a sixteen-year-old smart aleck and Hollywood hopeful whose only worry used to be writing convincing dialogue for the movies he made with his sister Annabeth. Of course, that was all before—before Quinn stopped going to school, before his mom started sleeping on the sofa…and before Annabeth was killed in a car accident.

Enter Geoff, Quinn’s best friend who insists it’s time that Quinn came out—at least from hibernation. One haircut later, Geoff drags Quinn to his first college party, where instead of nursing his pain, he meets a guy—a hot one—and falls hard. What follows is an upside-down week in which Quinn begins imagining his future as a screenplay that might actually have a happily-ever-after ending—if, that is, he can finally step back into the starring role of his own life story. @goodreads



I started out loving this book and then I just went back and forth between loving and being a little bit bored. But that's okay, not all books can blow you away.

Some Spoilers

I loved Quinn and I felt so sorry for him in losing his sister and his father left. I felt bad for his mother too. It's like they both just gave up for several months and I can understand that, totally!

Quinn's sweet friend Geoff decides to start dragging Quinn out and then sets him up with his first boyfriend. It was sweet and something Quinn needed.

The end was really good but there was one part where Quinn was reading messages on his phone that just about broke my heart. I'm going to leave it there because I don't write reviews good enough to explain without major spoilers.

Lets end with some

"Dude," he says, grabbing for his nose and laughing through his hand. Evidently it smells like I haven't had a shower in a month-ish, which I haven't-ish. "Your room makes me embarrased to be a teenage boy," Geoff says, stepping inside. "And that's saying something, because I literally name my farts, for Pete's sake."
Poor Pete. Who is Pete? And why do people do such terrible things, just for his sake?


"Hey," Geoff says. "What happened to your head?"
I look back at the bathroom floor. A severe clump of my hair is lying in a heap by the sink, like it was making a prison break from my scalp and got gunned down. (If you haven't seen Escape from Alcatraz, by the way, put it on the list. Great movie.)


"It's hot as balls in here," some guy shouts from the couch.
Carly hands me a 7UP (not Sprite--and yes, there's a difference), and some girl goes, "I love this song," and pulls up the "hot as balls" guy (temperature, not looks; like definitely not my type) from the couch, and they start dancing around a little. The guy's got moves, but the girl is all elbows and knees, and I find myself staring at these mystical college people in a way that might be bordering on stalker-ish if I'm not careful.
"You look like a stalker, Quinn," Geoff says, sneaking up and holding out a little plate of carrots.
"Jesus," I say, "are you off to feed a bunny or something?"


He puts his hat back on. "Quinn, I've known for, like, ever. Unless you're confessing that you're in love with me--"
He stops. His face goes a little white. "Oh God, I mean--if you are, I'd be flattered, but--"
"Ew, Geoff. Please. You name your farts. Seriously."

I certainly had a good time with these two best friends and their banter. They were hilarious together most of the time and Geoff was sensitive to Quinn's sadness and what not. He even brought those little carrots for Quinn to eat because Quinn and his mom had only been eating crap food for months.

Anyway, I did enjoy the book and I loved the boys. They were a hoot! 





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