Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Dead Boyfriend by R. L. Stine

I don't have a blurb to the book as this was an ARC and I can't find one on any resources. The back of the ARC has a blurb but it uses a different name for the boyfriend so I'm just going to leave it at this and you can read my review.


3.5 STARS 

3.5 Stars

*I won this book in the GOODREADS FIRSTREADS giveaway*

***Mild Spoilers***

I love Fear Street, I read them like crazy growing up and I'm hoping I still have some old books in boxes around here. This one was good and made me think of my old crazy old school books where I yell at everyone in the book because they are being stupid.

I liked the end and I didn't like the end.

1. B/C that ending would be so cool if you take out your thoughts of "it can't work that way."

2. B/C there is no way someone could die and you put out a book about it and someone not go to jail.

Caitlyn is the main character of the book and she's a nut! She is crazy in everything she does. She has two best friends that try to keep her in hand, but NOT. Then she meets some guy at the mall named Blade and immediately has a connection to him. I don't mind insta-love because I have that in my fantasies in my head, but this is just cray! And then some randomness happens to Caitlyn after work and she goes and buys a knife, which her friends tell her is dangerous.

Then we have cray number 2 which would be Deena Fear. She's all about spells and making people do things and some other stuff I won't even get into.. plus she thinks that Blade is hers and Caitlyn's. For real?

Then Blade gets into a mortal accident and he's out of the picture... or is he? Bring out the creepy Deena Fear and let her get her spell on.

So without giving out any more mild spoilers, I'm just going to say I did like the book because it's Fear Street. And be for real, what is not crazy in a Fear Street book. People are dying, screaming, killing, driving like nuts, doing spells, seeing ghosts and dead people. You name it, Fear Street will have it.

Anyway, it was a fun little ride and made me think of my childhood reading some spookies and that's all that matters. Well, this isn't spooky but I digress!





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