Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Owlcrate Unboxing February 2018 ♥

Welcome to Owlcrate February! I already owned the book & I knew it was coming in Owlcrate but we can't win them all. I love all of the goodies inside! Enjoy =) 

 This is my main picture above and it totally sucks. I was trying to, well it doesn't matter, it sucks so lets move on to the rest =) Why do I always post backwards! I need to put the captions above the pictures not below them! Sigh......

 So this is a beautiful wall tapestry ABOVE made by the wonderful Evie Bookish (I always buy tons of her stuff & love seeing her in subscription boxes) I had a super hard time getting a picture of this one as I don't have wall space and the only open area left on the floor is my dogs area, which has a kingsize blanket and random dog biscuit crumbs so No. I laid it across my bed to give you an idea of the size (bed is a full size) and you can see all of my boys from my pillows in the background. Those are not Owlcrate, just the tapestry. The tapestry says: BOOKS FALL OPEN, YOU FALL IN ... very lovely 

 Above we have the little pin and all of the cards that come with the box 

 We have a lovely skeleton key pendant necklace that came in a cute little Owlcrate pouch =) 

We have an Alice sticker and a lovely candle that says Through The Wardrobe =) 

 And a lovely zipper pouch! I love some zipper pouches =) 


 And last but not least we have the book, The Hazel Wood, a note from the author, some lovely stickers. This time no bookplate because the author hand signed the inside of the book =) 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this box. I do have some extras to show you BELOW

These are some cards I got from the Publisher for pre-ordering the book. They have quotes on the back and beautiful art on the front. Just lovely. 



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