Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Golden Age by James Maxwell

The discovery of a strange and superior warship sends Dion, youngest son of the king of Xanthos, and Chloe, a Phalesian princess, on a journey across the sea, where they are confronted by a kingdom far more powerful than they could ever have imagined.

But they also find a place in turmoil, for the ruthless sun king, Solon, is dying. In order to gain entrance to heaven, Solon is building a tomb—a pyramid clad in gold—and has scoured his own empire for gold until there’s no more to be found.

Now Solon’s gaze turns to Chloe’s homeland, Phalesia, and its famous sacred ark, made of solid gold. The legends say it must never be opened, but Solon has no fear of foreigners’ legends or even their armies. And he isn’t afraid of the eldren, an ancient race of shape-shifters, long ago driven into the Wilds.

For when he gets the gold, Solon knows he will live forever.@goodreads



I thought this book was good, but I wanted to know more about the eldran. I know the way it ended (which was awesome) there will be more about them in the next book but I wanted to read more now! I know, I have no patience.


You see the eldran are a race that can change into three different forms they choose. Dragons, giants, mer-people, furies...you get the picture. But if they stay in one form too long they become wildren and the people have to try to kill them. They are sort of evil when they are in that form.

But this particular story concentrates on this evil King Solon and his quest to get gold.

There is Dion who is a prince of Xanthos who is trying to help the consul of Phalasia where King Solon is trying to attack AND he has taken the consul's daughter, Chloe

I did love Chloe and Dion. They were really cool and very daring. There are some other characters I liked as well. There is something really cool found out about Dion that lead to the awesome ending. I really want to read the next one to see where it goes with this revelation!

But this particular book wasn't as great to ME because I think I got caught up in the eldran and wanted to know more about them really soon. I wasn't too interested in all of the daring rescues and chases across the sea and here and yon after that.... durn those eldran. lol

This was my kindle first choice for April and it was pretty good! 





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