Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bookshelf Tour & Some Random Stuff

I decided to do a bookshelf tour. NOT ALL BOOKSHELVES OR CASES ARE IN THE PICTURES AS I HAVE 20 PLUS BOOKCASES. This is just some pictures of a few shelves that I have set up (they could change) and some of my collectibles (not all all of them)

There are a few pictures that are blurry but I added them anyway. I might re-do them if I can get it organized. Some areas are really hard to get pictures of as my stuff are close to other items (bed, couch, etc) I wanted to add all of my Harry Potter books but I couldn't as two of the pictures were very blurry. I will try again later. 

I have added some pillows and a couple of tapestries. One being a wolf one from Sarah J. Maas books and one being the vows of Jamie and Claire from Outlander. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. I will add more shelves and collectables at a later date. ♥ 

I hope you have enjoyed this partial tour of my things. I am going to try to find some of those lights the youtubers use if I can afford them. Otherwise most of my pictures will be blurry and dark being down in the basement/rec room with weird lighting. I have a few windows and a back door but it doesn't help. And I also need to take my pillow pictures better. Maybe take some of them at a time so I won't have these big lonnnnnnggggg pictures you can't see anything in, lol. I just went back and looked at the pictures and they really are dark. I hope you can see something. I'm going to look into trying to find those bright lights they use so I can show you guys again what things look like and hopefully by then, the full bookcases. Well, the ones I can actually get close to do that. If anyone knows where you can get those lights let me know. I do know many tubers get them for free like most things but surely they are somewhere. Probably Amazon as they have everything! =)

Anyway, thank you for trying to see =) I will be doing more shelves as they get done up nicely, a huge book haul (if book depository ever gets here) and maybe a bookmark and other random collectibles. I like doing these tours as I have been thinking of not reviewing books very much and maybe even leaving all together. I will see how things go in the next few months. 


Mel ♥ 


  1. I love your bookshelves! They are all so cute. I'm a huge bookshelf stalker, so this was so much fun to look through. :)

    1. Thank you so much =) I hope I can get those lights and do better though =(