Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole

One kiss lasts a moment.
But a thousand kisses can last a lifetime.

One boy.
One girl.
A bond that is forged in an instant and cherished for a decade.
A bond that neither time nor distance can break.
A bond that will last forever.
Or so they believe.

When seventeen-year-old Rune Kristiansen returns from his native Norway to the sleepy town of Blossom Grove, Georgia, where he befriended Poppy Litchfield as a child, he has just one thing on his mind. Why did the girl who was one half of his soul, who promised to wait faithfully for his return, cut him off without a word of explanation?

Rune’s heart was broken two years ago when Poppy fell silent. When he discovers the truth, he finds that the greatest heartache is yet to come.

Standalone Young Adult Tearjerker Romance.
For ages 14 and up. @goodreads




I didn't think I would make it through this book. I cried and cried and cried and ............


This is a love story like no other and I hate/love it. God! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! What can I say to you people out there! My feelings are just shot! This book is so beautiful, so sad and just damn it.

Rune and Poppy met when they were 5 years old. Rune had just moved from Norway to Georgia and he hated it until that moment he met Poppy and everything became crystal clear. He met his best friend, his soul mate. But nothing lasts forever and I sure didn't see this one coming. I had my mind set on not finishing the book because I thought when they were separated at 15 that it would be just another "oh they are apart now and lets find other people and this was all meaningless". It wasn't like that, not like that at all. Did I mention is was the most beautifully, sad love story ever!


"Rune," she said, her voice serious and strong, "you live right next door, and you're a Viking and I just love Vikings. I think we should be best friends."
"Best friends?" I asked.
Poppy nodded her head and pushed her hand further toward me. Slowly reaching out my own hand, I gripped hold of hers and gave it two shakes, like she'd shown me.
A handshake.
"So now we are best friends?" I asked, as Poppy pulled her hand back.
"Yes!" she said excitedly. "Poppy and Rune." She brought her finger to her chin and looked up. Her lips stuck out again, like she was thinking very hard. "It sounds good, don't you think? 'Poppy and Rune, best friends for infinity!'"

Just kill me now because you all have no idea!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

So Poppy's mamaw died when Poppy was 8 and she left Poppy and mason jar with little hearts in them so she could collect a thousand special boy kisses. She was to write them down on the hearts and have them for a lifetime to pass down to her children.

Rune and Poppy were in the blossom grove, Rune was comforting Poppy. Then Poppy told Rune about the jar her mamaw gave to her.


He stared down at me, then at the jar. My chest hurt again; I could see he wasn't happy by the look on his face. He'd gone all moody again.
I stepped closer to my best friend, and Rune's eyes fixed on mine.
"Poppymin," he said, his voice deeper-hard and strong. "Poppymin! It means my Poppy. For infinity, forever and always. You're MY Poppy!"
I opened my mouth to shout back at him, to tell him this was an adventure I just had to start. But as I did, Rune leaned forward and suddenly pressed his lips to mine.
I froze. I couldn't move a muscle as I felt his lips against my lips. They were warm. He tasted like cinnamon. The wind blew his long hair over my cheeks. It started to tickle my nose.
Rune pulled back, but his face stayed near mine. I tried to breathe, but my chest felt funny, kind of light and fluffy. And my heart was beating so fasts. So fast that I pressed my hand over my chest to feel it racing underneath.


"You kissed me," I whispered, stunned. Rune lifted his hand to hold mine. He lowered our joined hands by his side.
"I'll give you a thousand kisses, Poppymin. All of them. No one will kiss you ever, but me."


The story tells about Rune's love for photography and how he was going to college in New York because of said photography. Poppy played the cello and was going to college in New York because of said cello. They were going to be together living their dreams. They had friends, they had each other, they had a love that could match no other. And then... I will never tell you but for the love of all that is holy, it all changed and it's the most heart breaking thing I have read in a long time!


The ending was so sad, I can't even. I just can't!!!!!!! Rune and Poppy's story ends in the blossom grove. My word of advice is to have a box of kleenex handle. I almost went through a while box myself.



If you love unbelievable love stories, because there can't be love like that in this crappy world, then this story is for you. If you don't really want your heart broken and stomped on then it's probably not, but read it anyway! 








  1. This book will break your heart but it is so good. Well, some don't love it, I guess it's a love or hate book. It's one of those that never happens in this world of ours, but that's the greatness of books... we can create whatever we want. ♥

  2. I love your review! It sounds so beautiful!

  3. Really would like to meet Rune. Why did she break off? Would love to know. Will write title down.

    1. I want my own Rune :-). You have to read the book and see. Bring kleenexes :-(