Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Vampire Book Of The Month Club by Rushty Fischer

At the age of seventeen, Nora Falcon is already a best-selling author of vampire lit, with fans lining up around the block to read the next installment of her Better off Bled series. So it might seem like she’s something special. But at the Nightshade Preparatory Academy for Exemplary Boys and Girls in Beverly Hills, Nora is just another student.

One day a handsome stranger shows up at one of Nora’s book signings. Reece Rothchild is not only tall, dark, and handsome—he’s downright irresistible, and he has recently transferred to Nightshade Academy.

But Reece is not just eye candy: he’s an actual vampire who wants Nora to write a book specifically for vampires—and he’s very persistent. So persistent he kidnaps Nora’s friends to get her to comply.

Nora is torn. If she does what Reece wants, thousands of vampires will converge on an unsuspecting town and use its inhabitants as a human snack bar. If she doesn’t, her friends will die. Now Nora must find a way to defeat Reece and save her friends—all while juggling a full course load! @goodreads



Okay this was an ARC when I got it but it's been out for awhile now so I can't put in any of the awesome excerpts I wanted to use. This book was really good and it cracked me up and got me all hot and bothered because you know.... Best friends being hot models and vamps coming to town.


I have to admit when I first started reading the prologue I thought, damn lets get right into it. Then I realized she was writing a book. Lol <---Let me explain. Nora Falcon is only seventeen, SEVENTEEN and she's a freaking best selling author of vamp books. (In my dreams, to be young and a best selling author) Anyhoo, she goes to The Nightshade Academy and she shares a room with her best friend Abby who stars in B-grade zombie movies. How cool =) Oh and Nora has a crush on her other best friend, Wyatt who is a model of all things. All of the kids in the school are in the big leagues!

So one night at Nora's book signing she meets this hot guy named Reece Rothchild. He's all yummy and what not and wants Nora to take him around the school. I won't go into how he knows that.

You all know where this is going right? SPOILERS

Roth is a vampire and he's all sweet to Nora for about 6 minutes and then he goes all bat sh•t vampire and tells her he wants her fifth book to be written the way he says or all her friends will die. Not so Mr. Nice! I thought she was going to have to write everything he said, but no he really just wanted her to put a code in the book for some other vamps and she could write it the way she wanted.

Needless to say the book went off the charts, Nora got to meet some old arse vamps (one of which loved her books) and Nora, Abby and Wyatt are now vamps due to some stuff that went down with Reece. But the good thing is that Nora and Wyatt are together! I was hoping Reece was going to be a sweep you off your feet vampire but no, he's a jerk. Even his uncle agrees.

And all this time Nora was writing books about vampires and never thought they were real.


*I would like to thank Medallion Press and The Reading Room for a print copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*







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