Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Friday, June 10, 2016

Rose Bride by Elizabeth Moss

Hilary Mantel meets Sylvia Day: the final installment in a deliciously erotic trilogy begun in Wolf Bride, set against the sumptuous backdrop of the scandal-ridden Tudor Court by Elizabeth Moss.

Margerie Croft yielded her virginity before her wedding night, and then fled King Henry VIII's court, knowing she couldn't marry a man she did not love. Now she is viewed as soiled goods, fit only for the role of a courtier's plaything.

Virgil Elton has heard the wicked rumors, but something about Margerie calls to him. Drawn close despite himself, he invites her to help in his work to restore the king's flagging health. But as he comes to know her, Virgil discovers beneath the layers of protective reserve a woman who is as intelligent and passionate as she is beautiful. He will stop at nothing to heal the damage the court has inflicted, even if it means falling himself...

Lust in the Tudor Court
Wolf Bride
Rebel Bride
Rose Bride

Praise for Erotic Romances by Elizabeth Moss:
"Fifty Shades of Tudor sex." -The Sunday Times
"For a terrific historical romance with a couple who can't keep their hands off each other, this is perfect."-RT Book Reviews
"Infused with political intrigue, royal pageantry, infidelity, scandal, historical authenticity, romance and love, this story brings yesteryear to life while heating up the pages and fascinating readers."-Romance Junkies @goodreads 



Another lustful Tudor Court book :-) I loved the first book in the series and then the third comes out before I have read the second one off my shelf over there on the other side of the room! But these books can be read as stand alone books it's just best to read them in order. I have to read the second one now and see what happened in that one. Hmmm, I might re-read all three of them!

Anyway, these books are NOT for kids. There are explicit sex scenes. I mean we are in the Tudor court right?

I love how this book actually has more of King Henry and some of Jane in the book.

Margerie Croft was to be married to another man at one point. Her mother (yes her mother) talked her into having sex with him so that she could marry him and secure her future. Dumb in those days right? So she does have sex with him and then she runs away. Margerie is at the Tudor Court as one of the maids or whatever to Queen Jane. But before all of that she's at the court and Henry tries to get her in his bedroom (of course) but she runs away and is almost attacked by several of his men when she is saved by the doctor, Virgil Elton. He's a very important man at the court and he's handsome. He naturally starts to fall in lust and love with Margerie.

Things are not all great at the castle what with Henry getting ready to execute Queen Anne so he can marry Jane and his leg is giving him problems. Also he has Virgil find him a tonic so he can perform better so he can get a baby out of Jane. Yeah....

There is eventually a happy ending for Margerie and Virgil but not before there is a lot of conflict and misunderstandings.

This is a good series to read if you love anything Tudor and need a sexy read.

*I would like to thank Netgalley and SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*





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