Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ghost Squad by Bob Moats

Detroit Homicide Detective Russ Baker has been sent to work the Cold Case Division due to a screw-up he committed on a case. He was all alone in the basement office until he was visited by an unlikely partner. A dead former detective who was now an annoying ghost. Would the ghost help him solve the cold cases allowing the murdered victims to go on to the hereafter? Russ and his ghost partner solve a few cases bringing him attention to the brass, and he is given a chance to make good by solving a serial murder case. Together Russ and his ghost finally track down the killer in a surprising confrontation. Murder, mayhem, humor, ghosts galore, sexy women and lots of fun are in store in this paranormal ghost crime story by Bob Moats. This book is a novella. @goodreads 




I will not lie! I peed my fecking pants! OMG! This book was hilarious. I mean there are some good stuff that happens and a love interest but the funny parts, for the love of Pete, YEAH . . .

I lay on my bed, frustrated by my life so far. I screwed up on a case and I was demoted as a Detroit homicide detective to working the cold case files. I wasn't happy about it, and I didn't even have a helper. I was all alone in the basement office with tons of case files of dead people for whom we never solved their murders. I was all alone to do the job, until he showed up.
He being the ghost of a one Detective Wesley (Wes) Loomis. And thus it begins.

Russ meets Wes in his own home that fine morning. They talk and get to know each other, crack me up and rattle Russ a wee bit. But it's an awesome partnership.

"So are you going to follow me to the precinct?"

"I'm like Star Trek, I can transport to the precinct before you get there."

"Fine, get out of here, so I can get dressed," I said, and he disappeared.

I will say they do end up solving two cold cases and one current case. The captain is very happy with Russ and wants to bring him out of cold case, but Russ wants to stay there and help the ghosts.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Russ can see Wes but he can't see all of the other ghosts around. There is a reason but you can read about that for yourself. Wes gives information from the ghosts to Russ so he can help them.

So, besides all of the funny stuff that happens, there are a little bit of gruesome stuff and some happy endings for some ghosts and not so happy for the bad guys. Also, the ghosts can actually move things or attack things etc in the book.

I needed a good laugh and what better than a cop book that includes ghosts!

Nelson pulled me aside and said, "Okay, Russ. Eight people in this room just saw this guy thrown across the squad room, in the air. No one was anywhere near him other than Officer Walker. Now, your last perp complained about a ghost bothering him. Is there something going on here that you need to explain?"

"I really don't know, Nelson. It's strange to me what happened. I couldn't tell you anything." I had to say that or they would have locked me up as a nut.

"How do I explain this to the captain?"

"Just tell him Officer Joyce Walker used her ju-jitsu and threw him. She's a hero."

He just gave me the stare and turned to the female cop and said, "Good job Walker, throwing him like that with your Kung-Fu."

She looked dazed, and puzzled and didn't respond. It all happened so fast that everyone would have a different story.

I look forward to reading all of the series now! Excellent!






  1. Thanks for a great review, Melissa. I'm sure Russ and Wes will appreciate it along with me. Bob Moats.

    1. Your so very welcome. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. It was so funny and good and I am glad I lucked out and found it :-) I look forward to more adventures of Russ and Wess :-D