Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Indigo by Kayla Parent

When Indigo Olsen was 15 years old, she was stolen from her bedroom in the dead of night by two of the country's most prolific criminals. Although she was eventually rescued, the traumatizing and painful experience left her reeling with both internal and external scars. Scars that leave her unable to trust, and unable to look at herself in the mirror.

Now, two years later, she's starting her first year at Fairbanks College, hoping for a fresh start. She expects the stares, the whispers behind her back, the pressing questions. Everyone has heard her tragic story. Everyone has heard of the grotesque and hideous scar marring her face, a constant reminder of her past.

What she doesn't expect is Kennedy Keats. A quiet and thoughtful artist who has an eye for beauty like she's never seen.

Letting her guard down seems impossible, especially when she realizes her past is never far behind her...literally. @goodreads 



Another gem I found on kindle unlimited!

Indigo was kidnapped and raped and tortured at the age of fifteen, she wasn't found for several months. And her savior was a woman at a gas station, one person was all it took to recognize her and set her free.

For the rest of her school year, Indigo was home schooled but she then decided she wanted to try to start over by going to college. She was very nervous at first of what people would say about her horrible scar. You know how people are, they say mean things and they did. But Indigo made some wonderful friends, Sabrina, Kennedy and Shawn. They ended up being couples. Indigo and Kennedy and Sabrina and Shawn. It wasn't easy for Indigo and Kennedy though as you can image from her past. They all knew about her from the papers, but they loved her and thought she was beautiful inside and out.


Indigo is going to school to study dance. Since she no longer wants to be a ballerina herself, she wants to open her own school for little kids. The book doesn't focus on this, it's more focused on the love interests and friendships. Kennedy wants to be an artist but his mom wants him to be a lawyer so he's taking both until one day things happen and he finds his true calling.

The man and woman that took Indigo are in jail but the woman is set up for a parole hearing and they think she will get out of jail. Indigo doesn't want to testify to keep her in jail. She didn't back then and she doesn't want to now, but for reasons, she finds her courage and does what she has to do.

I love this book and the characters. The love story takes it's time and is very sensitive to the nature of what happened to the character of Indigo. It's still young adult so you have craziness and some stupidity but that's life =) Either way I really enjoyed this book even though I wanted to smack a few people!

And I especially loved the ending where the book jumps ahead 10 years to tell the lives of all the friends and people involved. It was a bittersweet ending and I loved it ♥





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