Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Awakening by Kelly Armstrong

If you had met me a few weeks ago, you probably would have described me as an average teenage girl - someone normal. Now my life has changed forever and I’m as far away from normal as it gets. A living science experiment - not only can I see ghosts, but I was genetically altered by a sinister organization called Edison Group. What does that mean? For starters. I'm a teenage necromancer whose powers are out of control: I raise the dead without even trying. Trust me, that is not a power you want to have. Ever.

Now I’m running for my life with three of my supernatural friends - a charming sorcerer, a cynical werewolf, and a disgruntled witch - and we have to find someone who can help us before the Edison Group finds us first. Or die trying. @goodreads 



I don't know how I feel about this one. I mean the kids are out there trying to get way from the evil people that are trying to hurt them. And we find out some reasons as to why they are the kind of supernaturals that they are but I was just sort of meh.

I will say that I loved to get more time with Chloe and Derek. I really love Derek's character! And we learn more about the families of the kids. There is also more action with the supernatural abilities of some of the adults and kids but I still couldn't get into it all the way.

Sometimes I wonder if it's the mood I'm in or if I really did just like the book and not love it to death. One will never know unless of course you read it again.

Chloe, Rae and Tori are in cells at The Edison Group after they tried to escape with Derek and Simon in the first book. A bunch of stuff happens and Tori and Chloe get away and meet up with the boys. Then more stuff happens and it's a little cray. I also really love the ghost, Liz, in the book too. I hope we get to find out something good for her in the next book.

I did enjoy the book, I'm just mad that I didn't love it to death, but we can love them all that way right?





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