Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Unfolding by Jonathan Friesen

Jonah wishes he could get the girl, but he’s an outcast and she’s the most perfect girl he knows.

And their futures seemed destined to fork apart: Jonah’s physical condition is debilitating, and epileptic seizures fill his life with frustration. Whereas Stormi is seemingly carefree, and navigates life by sensing things before they happen. And her most recent premonition is urging her to leave town.

When Stormi begs Jonah for help, he finds himself swept into a dark mystery his small town has been keeping for years. And the answers Stormi needs about her own past could possibly destroy everything Jonah has ever known—including his growing relationship with Stormi herself. @goodreads 



I hate not liking a book, but this one just wasn't for me at all. The blurb sounded so cool though so that is why I requested it.

I did like Jonah's character. He has ms and epilepsy and he's in love with is best friend Stormi.

A lot of the story I didn't understand and at one point I don't even care to understand. I only kept reading because of Jonah and I still don't understand the ending. I guess it all went over my head.

I really am glad for those people that loved the book because there is nothing like the love of a book. This one in particular just didn't fit the bill for me. It didn't even suck me in from the beginning.

*I would like to thank the booklookbloggers program for a print copy of this book.*



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