Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Eleanor by Jason Gurley

Eleanor and Esmerelda are identical twins with a secret language all their own, inseparable until a terrible accident claims Esme’s life. Eleanor’s family is left in tatters: her mother retreats inward, seeking comfort in bottles; her father reluctantly abandons ship. Eleanor is forced to grow up more quickly than a child should, and becomes the target of her mother’s growing rage.

Years pass, and Eleanor’s painful reality begins to unravel in strange ways. The first time it happens, she walks through a school doorway, and finds herself in a cornfield, beneath wide blue skies. When she stumbles back into her own world, time has flown by without her. Again and again, against her will, she falls out of her world and into other, stranger ones, leaving behind empty rooms and worried loved ones.

One fateful day, Eleanor leaps from a cliff and is torn from her world altogether. She meets a mysterious stranger, Mea, who reveals to Eleanor the weight of her family’s loss. To save her broken parents, and rescue herself, Eleanor must learn how deep the well of her mother’s grief and her father’s heartbreak truly goes. Esmerelda’s death was not the only tragic loss in her family’s fragmented history, and unless Eleanor can master her strange new abilities, it may not be the last. @goodreads 



This book started out so deep and sad. I could feel each person's depression and grief. It was real and it was hard.

The story goes goes through different times. The years jump ahead to each person in the family and it all comes back around in the end.

We start out with Eleanor, she has a husband named Hob and a little girl named Agnes. Eleanor fights depression and other things because she was swimming her way into the Olympics but she got pregnant and never got back to it. She swims in the ocean every day, no matter what. Hob goes a long with her to make sure she is okay. I love the way the author writes us into the world of what the person is thinking.


She sits in the breakfast nook and watches the rain. It falls with purpose, as if it has a consciousness, as if it intends to eradicate the earth, layer by layer. The front lawn is hard to make out in the downpour, but Eleanor can already see that the topsoil has been churned into mud. Her flowers bend sideways, petals yanked off by the storm. By afternoon only the thorny rose stems will remain.


Eleanor finds out she is pregnant again and this takes her depression even lower. Then one day she disappears, the last she is seen.. is at the ocean.

Then we jump ahead a few years to where Agnes is a grown woman with a husband named Paul and twin little girls named Eleanor and Esmerelda.


The sad thing is, when the story is told through Agnes eyes she seems to have inherited some of her mother's mental illness. This gets even worse throughout the book because of the accident that takes Esmerelda's life. <---- that's not a spoiler, it's in the blurb.

The even sadder thing is, as low as Agnes sinks, nothing is worse then blaming your other daughter for the death of the other. :-(

Eleanor is now a teenager trying to take care of her mother, even though she doesn't appreciate it. Her father Paul left them, but he's still in Eleanor's life. He wants her to live with him but she won't leave her mom. Eleanor has a sweet aunt Gerry and a best friend Jack.

One day while Eleanor is at school, something strange happens to her.


Back in the world, Jack sees her disappear. He drops his carton of milk, bewildered; it pumps like a vein, then dribbles onto the table.
She's just gone.

This is the beginning of a series of events where Eleanor starts going into these dream like places. This is where we all fall down the rabbit hole. This is where she meets the evil keeper, sweet Mea, another evil thing, and the ocean. This is where we find the rift in time.

The rest of the story is trying to figure out who everyone is and what is happening. Family members are now seeing Eleanor just disappearing, why is she doing this, where exactly is she going. I have to say it's pretty freaking cool. Once you find out all of the places, reasons, and what is going on, it's just a really awesome concept of a book, at least to me.

I was not going into this book expecting anything like this, it was a total surprise. I read the blurb, yes, but I just thought.. you know, I don't know what I thought but it wasn't this. Once you start crawling your way out of the rabbit hole and figuring things out, it's just amazing.

I loved the cover of this book as well, something about the closed eyes with tears coming down and the water below, it all just goes with the whole book.


*I would like to thank Blogging for Books for a free print copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*





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