Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Only Human by J.D. Estrada

Nathaniel Runnels isn't a fan of life. He isn't a fan of the news, which is a bust because he's a reporter. He's lost faith in journalism, in the truth, in civilization and in himself. So it's quite the surprise when he gets swept up in a quest to save the world. Perception and reality collide as one man faces one question, would you sacrifice your humanity to save mankind?

Only Human is a tale where the truth is revealed about vampires, about therians (make sure you don't call them werewolves), about angels, about demons, the photogeni plant people and humanity as we supposedly know it. This isn't your typical book, these aren't your typical vampires and what you have been told is fiction, may actually be truer than the history you've been sold. @goodreads 




I have never read a book with so many monsters and what not in it in my entire life! We have vampires, therians (werewolves) minotaur, angels both fallen and not, God, plant people, The Holy Spirit, goblins, wraiths, waters demons... oh hell, I can't remember them all! LoL


So poor ole Nathanial is a measly human that gets a visit from a dampyr named Daniel. He brings Nat into this world of everything mystical and such. Nat is commandeered to help in the quest to save the world.

Now there are so many peeps...er... things in this book I can't keep up with who all I like but some of my favorites were Daniel and a few from his vampire group named Liam and Indigo. Liam is a healer and can read minds. Indigo is just big and crazy :-)


'Hit the floor.'
All vampires obeyed and two mechanical banshees screamed with the arrival of Indigo and a pair of Gatling guns.
Black chunks of flesh flew all over as bones broke, wings were severed and the hundred goblins faced what seemed like a thousand times their number in bullets. After a full half minute's worth of ammunition, the garden had been wiped clean of anything that wasn't vampire.
"Miss me?" asked Indigo. He dropped the guns and helped his comrades get up from the floor while Liam walked alongside puffing a cigarette.

I just loved him and Liam :-)

So after this raid and such, the group of vampires and Nat board a pirate ship with all female vampires.


I loved all of the women on the boat but Captain Jane was my favorite, she got her all women crew from women that had been assaulted by men. They were turned into vampires and I think Jane did it, I was a little confused about that. Well, I was confused about a lot of things. I fell down the rabbit hole on this book :-D

Like I said, there are a lot of creatures in this book and they were so cool to meet. Well, not the evil ones. They just want to eat your face off, but I digress.

So they are all on the boat going to wherever and Nat keeps having these dreams and meet some guy named Bill in the dreams. They also encounter all kinds of creatures and Bill shows him premonition type stuff. It's sad because while they are on the ship they are attacked by demons and some of the people I liked get killed! No, just no!

There were some therians in the book I liked but can't remember their names! And some other creatures I can't remember either. --->Moral of this, take better notes when you have about a million monsters and ones that you like and don't like!

At the end of the book there is this huge battle between all of the good and evil creatures and Nat. It's funny, I always have to say and Nat since he's the only human. If you read the book you will get why it's funny when you read about the smorgasbord of creatures.

We have some fallen angels and demons in the fight along with everything else. I mean this really is a battle to save the Earth.



Even Gabriel came down to help :-) There were others there, but Gabriel talked a good bit of time with Nat after all of the stuff was over and more people..er.. things I loved were killed :-(


Other than the deaths that happened in the book, I liked it. I felt really bad for the ones that lost mates as well because they made me want to cry because they hurt so bad. DON'T JUDGE ME! I empathize with other people's pain, or monsters, or animals. ETC... I'm not really sure how Nat can come back from something like this, I mean how do you go back to the regular old world. I was thinking there was going to be a sequel, but how would you write a sequel after that battle. I guess you could have some other stuff happen in the creature world with Nat. ~Fin~





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