Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton

On 24th November Yasmin and her deaf daughter Ruby arrived in Alaska.

Within hours they were driving alone across a frozen wilderness

Where nothing grows

Where no one lives

Where tears freeze

And night will last for another 54 days.

They are looking for Ruby's father.

Travelling deeper into a silent land.

They still cannot find him.

And someone is watching them in the dark. @goodreads



You have no idea how much I want to give out spoilers about this book!

I liked this book because it goes into things that are very important to me, but alas! NO SPOILERS! Well some MILD SPOILERS :-)

I fell in love with little Ruby right away. She is deaf and she's so smart and so sweet. Her mother Yasmin....mmmmm.... I had issues with her because she takes Ruby onto the ice roads with her with a major storm coming in.. she put her child's life in danger. BUT, Ruby can't hear and there is no one around to leave her with, so what's she to do? Some of the things Yasmin thought of doing, I really wanted to smack her, but it all worked out.

So, they are supposed to be meeting Ruby's dad Matt in Alaska.. when they get there, they find out he has been killed in an explosion with a lot of other people. Yasmin doesn't believe Matt is dead because of some circumstances that happened. She decides to hitch a ride, with Ruby in tow, with one of the ice road truckers. She wants to make it to Deadhorse to see for herself. When Yasmin's driver has a medical emergency, she decides to ...um.. steal his rig and take off, just her and Ruby across the tundra so to speak. Oh and did I mention this is in the middle of the night. Yeah......


She does have a CB and internet access in the rig and she ends up making friends with a couple of old blokes. I wish we could have actually met them at the end of the book, but I digress. 


Yasmin didn't say anything.
"Someone let you rent a rig?" Coby said, and chuckled. "Who'd have thought it."
"She's got a license, right?" asked the other trucker.
"Must have," Coby said.
Yasmin didn't know what to say and, as she said nothing, the truth became clear.
"Jesus Christ," said the other driver. "If you ain't trained to drive a truck, then you gotta stop, pull over someplace safe. You got that, lady?" she imagined him with fiery red hair and freckles, alarmed and cross, but not aggressive.
"I have to get to Deadhorse. My husband's missing and I have to find him."
"Ain't that somethin' for the state troopers?" Coby asked.
Yasmin didn't reply.
"The road will kill you," said the fiery redheaded driver. "Or you'll kill someone else. You gotta pull over."
"No," said Yasmin. "Not till I've found my husband."
"You don't get it ma'am," the red-haired driver said. "It's not safe to have you out here. Not safe for you, but not for us either. You'll cause an accident. Or you'll break down and we all get held up and there's a likely storm blowin' in and that ain't safe either."
"I'm sorry, really. But someone has to get to my husband and at the moment that's me."
"Reckon you're one helluva lady," Coby said in his kind voice.

They proceed to give Yasmin tips on how to drive the truck, what to do and how to make it to Deadhorse.


Along the way someone seems to be following Yasmin and Ruby. As you can image if your not scared enough driving these ice roads at night in a storm in a big rig, you have some freak following you. And something just doesn't seem right about the explosion that supposedly killed her husband.

Did someone leave the heat to close to the gas line or was it murder or something else entirely!


Yasmin and Ruby do end up getting caught in the storm and have to hunker down in the truck and pray they make it.


Mum says she thinks we're in the eye of the storm. I look out of the widescreen to see if there's an evil eye watching us, like Sauron in The Lord of the Rings, but there's just the reflection of our faces.

Isn't she sweet? Oh and also, someone keeps sending them emails of dead animals and something else that I can't tell you because you will figure out what it is like I did :-) It all turns out in the end, we find out what happened and if Matt is still alive. But the ending left me wanting more, it just like ended so you have to think well did this all happen or what?

Either way, I enjoyed the book, accept for the dead animals and the reasons and grrrr. I did love that it was set in the cold Winter and the ice roads, that was pretty cool.

*I would like to thank Blogging for Books for a free print copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*



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