Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Northwoods by Bill Schweigart

Some borders should never be crossed. From the author of The Beast of Barcroft comes a waking nightmare of a horror novel that’s sure to thrill readers of Stephen King and Bentley Little.

Ex–Delta Force Davis Holland, now an agent for the Customs and Border Protection, has seen it all. But nothing in his experience has prepared him for what he and the local sheriff find one freezing night in the Minnesota woods.

Investigating reports of an illegal border crossing, the two men stumble across a blood-drenched scene of mass murder, barely escaping with their lives . . . and a single clue to the mayhem: a small wooden chest placed at the heart of the massacre. Something deadly has entered Holland’s territory, crossing the border from nightmare into reality.

When news of the atrocity reaches wealthy cryptozoologist Richard Severance, he sends a three-person team north to investigate. Not long ago, the members of that team—Ben McKelvie, Lindsay Clark, and Alex Standingcloud—were nearly killed by a vengeful shapeshifter. Now they are walking wounded, haunted by gruesome memories that make normal life impossible. But there is nothing normal about the horror that awaits in the Northwoods. @goodreads



I enjoyed this book. I like books about monsters/cryptids and whatever else you can throw at me.


Agent Davis Holland and Sheriff Gil Ramsey are out in the Superior National Forest in Minnesota checking out some info they got about a disturbance. The next thing they know they are being chased by some THING they can't see because they were blinded by a light. <---Makes you start singing that song doesn't it? (for us old school people)
Anyhoo, Gil gets his eye sight back faster than Davis and he's dragging them through the forest. Whatever IT is plows through Gil knocking him of to the side and keeps on going. But that's not the creepy part, they end up finding some people all mutilated laid out around a little chest. ? It's like Raiders of the Lost Ark, in a sense.

Gil also gets attacked by a Wendigo, shape shifter person thing that is giggling the whole time. Some giggling dude trying to eat my face off.. not my idea hike in the woods!

Sooooo, this cryto dude named Severance calls in some peeps to check all of this stuff out. They are sent off looking for some sea monster. This would be Dr. Alex Standingcloud, Lindsey Clark, and Ben McKelvie. I am aware these people were from one of the author's other books that I can't wait to read. They all come together at the different reservations, The Red Cliff Reservation in Wisconsin and the Four Hills Reservation in Minnesota. It seems they all meet up at some point with Gil and Davis.

There is a lot of craziness going on in this book! I really enjoyed it though. I loved the different monsters and stories in the book and I liked the characters. I think if you like cryptid stories you will probably like this book. I also look forward to going back and reading some of the author's other books

AND, they left this one open to another book and I like where they will be going :-D

*I would like to thank Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group - Hydra for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*





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