Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Friday, March 11, 2016

Guardian of the Gauntlet by Lenita Sheridan

When sisters, Princesses Camari and Mila, meet Prince Denir, they soon find he has a special gauntlet. This gauntlet only works if one has faith in a higher power. Using this gauntlet, Denir turns Camari invisible. When he is called off to war, Camari is left in the predicament of being invisible. This story takes Camari through her quest to become visible again and to return the gauntlet. Along the way she meets two wicked characters and must contend with them. She also meets Prince Isryk and must travel through the Wetlands of Fremil with him and encounter all sorts of nasty insects and other dangerous creatures. @goodreads



This was the cutest little book! No really, it's a small, cute little book with the cutest little story!


Princess Camari and Princess Mila are sisters, Mila being the eldest. They meet Prince Denir one day from the kingdom over :-) and become friends. Denir has this gauntlet his father gave him since he was next in line to receive it. Only a person with a good intentions can wear it. You can't use if for evil, only for good.

Anyhoo, Camari has a crush on Denir, but he is in love with Mila and one day Camari begs to be turned invisible by the gauntlet so she can attend a ball with Mila and Denir. Against their better judgement they agree and Denir makes Camari invisible. Then he has to go off to a fight before turning Camari back. Well..... this just won't do and she ends up stealing a horse and following Denir.


A groom watched in amazement as a saddle floated through the air and onto the horse's back and then the seemingly riderless horse galloped off into the moonlit night, the reins flapping as if someone had control of them.

Add in an evil wizard and other creatures and you have nice little story I think children would enjoy. It's a funny story in parts, a little icky with creatures in others. I liked the new prince that is helping Camari and maybe she will have her own man in later books. Oh, and I love that something good happens to Camari at the end, she's finally not the one everyone overlooks because you can't really overlook a hero right?

*I would like to thank the author for a free print copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.* 





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