Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Monstrous by MarcyKate Connolly

The city of Bryre suffers under the magic of an evil wizard. Because of his curse, girls sicken and disappear without a trace, and Bryre’s inhabitants live in fear. No one is allowed outside after dark.

Yet night is the only time that Kymera can enter this dangerous city, for she must not be seen by humans. Her father says they would not understand her wings, the bolts in her neck, or her spiky tail—they would kill her. They would not understand that she was created for a purpose: to rescue the girls of Bryre.

Despite her caution, a boy named Ren sees Kym and begins to leave a perfect red rose for her every evening. As they become friends, Kym learns that Ren knows about the missing girls, the wizard, and the evil magic that haunts Bryre.

And what he knows will change Kym’s life.

Reminiscent of Frankenstein and the tales of the Brothers Grimm, this debut novel by MarcyKate Connolly stands out as a compelling, original story that has the feel of a classic. @goodreads



I think this book cover is just beautiful and when I read the blurb I knew I had to have it and the second one too :-)

I love Kymera's character! Her father has made her into a sort of Frankenstein. She is part girl and she has some other interesting things that she is mixed with, I don't really want to give all of that out though :-)

She can fly, her fingernails come out into sharp claws that make me think of wolverine, but not quite, and her tail can sting you unconscious.

Kymera's father tells her he made her to help fight the evil wizard that is making young girls in the city sick. She is to go into the prison and steal the sick girls away before he can kill them. This is in the city of Bryre. Kym and her father actually live outside the city so no one can see her.

At home, Kym has a rose garden and woods she walks around in at times. She meets a sweet dragon there one day but I can't tell you his story because I want you to read about it. It's pretty sad and his name is Batu.

Kym's father has created some strange animals that live with them as well. You have Pippa who is a sperrier, he's a dog that flies :-) Then you have the goat chickens, I'm not even going there with that one. LoL

On the nights Kym travels into the city to bring a girl home for her father to send away to be safe, she meets a boy named Ren. She's not supposed to speak to humans or let any of them see her, but things happen.

The story itself is really good and it's sad. There isn't a lot of action going on so if your looking for that it's not for you, there is some though. I figured out most of what was going on right away and you will too, but it doesn't take away from the book. I think it's still wonderful.

In the end there is the fight with the wizard and some things don't turn out too good. But some things... they turn everything beautiful with just a rose.






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