Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, March 17, 2016

How To Weep In Public by Jacqueline Novak

In her hilarious memoir-meets-guide-to-life, comedian (and depressed person) Jacqueline Novak reveals depression’s hidden pleasures, advises readers on how to make most of a cat hair-covered life, and helps them summon the strength to shed that bathrobe and face the world.  
Exhausted? Rundown? Filled with a vague sense of ennui, an occasional twinge of regret, or a hell of a lot of mood stabilizers?
Then this is the book for you.
How to Weep in Public is both a tongue-in-cheek advice guide (from a person who has no business giving advice to anyone!) and one woman’s breathless journey to consistently put on pants, or at least get out of bed in the morning. Beginning with her earliest blue moments of infancy, and hop-scotching through her exploration of the world of pharmaceuticals, before bounding right back to her parents' couch, Jacqueline Novak will introduce you to the ABC's (Adderall! Benzos! Catatonia!) of depression and reveal, funnily enough, that a lot can happen even when you're standing still.
Or, as it happens, lying down.
Whether you’re coping with the occasional down day, or thrive fully in Picasso’s blue period, How to Weep in Public is the perfect place to regroup between those nagging Tony Robbins tapes and that exhausting amount of Leaning In. So sit back, relax, and let Jacqueline Novak teach you how to carpe depressem with the rest of them. @goodreads 



At first I wasn't sure going into this book that I was liking it. It seemed too much for a comedic book about depression. I have read my fair share of them and they are great, but I needed to wade into the book to get a better idea of what was going on.


I have clinical depression, suicidal tendencies, ocd, panic disorder and agoraphobia, and those are just the mental issues. I get tired of people treating people with mental disorders like they are nothing, faking it.. blah blah. Walk in my shoes and then shut your mouth, but I can say I have some really sweet friends about it and some are right here on goodreads, we email and txt so it's all good.

In this book, the author was talking about things happening from birth that could have brought on your depression later on in life. I was like what? But then later on there were some things that I thought about all of my life. Funny that!


The author also talks some on anxiety and panic, which it seems all of these things lead from one to the other.

There are a lot of laughs in this book. I mean the author IS a comedian, but I digress. I think she had a funny way of putting things and that's a good thing.


And my final piece of advice for creating safe spaces:
get yourself an easel and canvas and stick them inside your car. This will give you permission to pull over in all sorts of odd places. All you need to do is take our your equipment and set it up next to your car, and, of course, people will assume you're an artist.

At that point, you can do whatever you want, even sleep. If anyone questions you, just say you're waiting for the right light.

↑ that's crazy, but sounds like a good idea for those that can actually leave the house :-)


So I think if you have some mental issues and want to read a funny book with some good ideas, or just want to read a funny book with good ideas, I think you will like this book!

*I would like to thank Blogging For Books for a print copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*





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