Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Mask by Taylor Stevens

Munroe is a sensational character and Stevens is a sensational writer. Lee Child, "New York Times" bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series
For fans of Lee Child, Terry Hayes, and Laura Lippman comes a blistering thriller in which Vanessa Michael Munroe faces the fight of her life
Vanessa Michael Munroe, chameleon and information hunter, has a reputation for getting things done: dangerous and not quite legal things that have taken her undercover into some of the world s deadliest places. Still healing from a Somali hijacking gone wrong and a brutal attack that left her near death, Munroe joins her lover, Miles Bradford, in Japan where he s working as a security consultant protecting high-value technology from industrial espionage. In the domesticity of their routine she finds long sought-after peace until Bradford is arrested for murder, and the same interests who targeted him come after her, too.
Searching for answers and fighting to stay alive, Munroe will soon discover how far she ll go to save Bradford from spending the next twenty years in locked-up isolation; how many laws she ll break when the truth seems worse than his lies; and who to trust and who she must kill. Because she s a strategist and hunter with a predator s instincts, and the man she loves has just stabbed her in the back.@goodreads 



This is the first time I have ever read a book about "Vanessa Micheal Monroe" I totally love her and now I'm going to have to get all of Tayor Stevens books about this character! It's funny when I started reading more about her I had this picture in my mind of Lisbeth Salander, because Monroe is so damn smart! Then I saw the book mentioned Lisbeth on goodreads and I had a good laugh, I guess they thought so too!


Munroe breathed deeply, and with a soft, slow exhale the urge to flee and strike receded completely.
This was easy now, compared to how things once had been.
The years, as they faded, brought fewer triggers to yank her back into the brutality of adolescence and the equatorial rain forest and the man who'd beat her with fists, and kicks and throws until she'd grown strong enough, fast enough, to fend him off; the man who'd put a blade in her hand and used her body as his carving board until the knife became her own way to salvation.
She was seventeen when she killed him, sneaking after him in the falling dusk, with the wind of the coming storm covering the sound of pursuit. She'd shot him in the back with a tranquilizer gun and stood over him as his eyes rolled up. Had straddled him in the driving rain and slit his throat.

You should see her now taking out the bad guys left and right! I freaking love that. So anyway, she goes to Japan to spend time with her on again off again lover Bradford. He doesn't tell her he's into some stuff and he gets arrested. It's up to Munroe to get him out of the mess. Oh and not long after she gets there they have to go and get Munroe a motorcycle as it's her vehicle of choice :-)

Along the way Munroe meets up with a lot of different people but I love the fact that she helped some girls out that were being forced to do things they didn't want to do. The things Munroe did to those jerks that were doing these things are just too good for words!

I am pleasantly surprised that I found a book I wasn't sure I would like very entertaining and find another bad to the bone female character to read! 

*I would like to thank Blogging For Books for a print copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*





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