Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Anthrax Protocol by James Thomson

It Kills Slowly…

In an excavation site in Mexico, a team of archeologists uncovers the lost tomb of Montezuma--and a deadly strain of anthrax as ancient as the Biblical plagues. One by one, the team falls violently ill, bleeding from their eyes and ears before succumbing to a slow, painful death. Whatever was buried with the Aztec chief is still active, infectious--and now airborne…

It Spreads Quickly…

In Austin, a young archeologist listens to the dying words of her mentor in Mexico--a warning to quarantine the site before all hell breaks loose. In Atlanta, the CDC's Dr. Mason Williams leads an emergency squad on a life-or-death mission--into the hot zone. At Fort Detrick, an army officer sends a trained team to secure the anthrax--as a biological weapon. But time is running out. The disease is spreading rapidly across the border, into the airports, and across the globe, killing thousands. With no cure, no vaccine, and no way to contain it, there will be no hope for humanity--to survive… @goodreads



There are a group of archaeologists who are down in Tlateloco who have found Montezuma's tomb, unfortunately for them, they have also found the curse of Montezuma (or so they say) in a rare or old form of Anthrax.


The Mexican government calls in the CDC so they can try to figure out what is going on after all of the Americans and some of the Mexican workers die a horrible death!

The CDC shows up with Mason Williams heading up the team and they also bring Dr. Lauren Sullivan to identify the students and her old mentor. She does not want to be there and she is in bad shape seeing all of these people that she knew.

At some point we find out some jerks in the government want to get samples of this new/old disease and use it against other countries etc. There is always some jerks doing stuff they don't need to do!

The CDC crew find a boy that has been hanging around their area and he's not effected by the disease. He's just walking around like nothing! It ends up him and his whole tribe who has remained hidden from the world have knowledge about what is going on. He's a cool kid and I like him.

Oh, and another idiot gets hold of something from the site, leaves the country and spreads it all over creation and back! I mean, what part of "SHITE FROM THIS SITE WILL KILL YOU DON'T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND!" Okay, so it never said this idiot knew about the deadly disease before they got hold of the treasure so I will let that one slide. :-)

And there is a spy in the area, that's all I can say about that and it gets taken care of.

Also, Lauren and Mason start having feelings for each other when they get to spend time with each other in the hazmat box <--- that's what I call their little set up where they study stuff and sleep without getting germs, etc.

When they are traveling somewhere to get some knowledge on a cure, they have a little down time to get their love on. It's not as bad as it sounds, I mean your thinking, who has time for that when people are dying left and right. Let's just say it all worked out at bath time!

Eventually, they get the cure and it all works out, there is even a happy ending for Mason and Lauren. I liked their characters too, they were really nice people.

*I would like to thank Kensington Books for a free print copy of this book in exchange for my honest review through The Reading Room.* 





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