Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone

An astonishingly inventive and terrifying debut horror novel about the emergence of an ancient race of carnivorous spiders, dormant for ten thousand years but now very much awake. There's a reason we're afraid of spiders...

A local guide is leading wealthy tourists through a forest in Peru when a strange, black, skittering mass engulfs him and most of the party. FBI Agent Mike Rich is on a routine stakeout in Minneapolis when he's suddenly called by the director himself to investigate a mysterious plane crash. A scientist studying earthquakes in India registers an unprecedented pattern in local seismic readings. The US president, her defence and national security advisers and her chief of staff are dumped into crisis mode when China "accidentally" drops a nuclear bomb on a desolate region of its own country. As such unsettling occurrences mount, the president's old friend (and her chief of staff's ex-wife), spider expert Melanie Guyer, receives a box at her lab at American University that contains an ancient egg unearthed at a South American dig.
     So begins The Hatching, the hair-raising saga of a single week in which an ancient, frighteningly predatory species of spider re-emerges in force. When the unusual egg in Melanie Guyer's lab begins to vibrate and crack, she finds herself at the epicentre of this apocalyptic natural disaster. Working closely with her ex-husband and his very powerful boss, she has to find some way to stem the brutal tide of man-eating arachnids.






Although, they would make a great aide in the prisons where the pedophiles and what not are, but I digress.

These are an ancient form of spiders from like 10,000 years ago. Someone somewhere did some digging or something and here we have these spiders hatching. I'm not quite sure because they started coming out in all parts of the world and it didn't mention any kind of ancient mining or whatever in those places. All I know is you can't get away if they come swarming after you!

The way the book ends you think it might be over and then someone has that "Oh Shite" moment and you know there is something else coming. And seeing how there is another book coming out, we know there is more coming.

But these spiders are not just the same kind of spider, they all have their own agenda...yeah, agenda. They are smart, they know what their job is and they are getting it done for something else.

I don't have this great big fear of spiders, unless one tries to climb on me, but hoards of spiders coming at you to eat your body is something that gives me the creeps beyond!!!

Overall it was pretty good, I just didn't like that the book was all over the place with all kinds of people, but I mean if this is going on in different types of the world then your going to get that. Now that everything is set up I think it will be more evened out in the next book.

Also, I thought I saw a big creepy spider walking by my leg earlier! Thank you book!

**I would like to thank Netgalley and Atria Books for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.**





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