Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Monday, May 29, 2017

A Breath Of Snow And Ashes by Diana Gabaldon

It is 1772, the eve of the American Revolution, and the long fuse of rebellion has already been lit. Governor Josiah Martin calls upon Jamie Fraser to unite the backcountry and safeguard the colony for King and Crown. But there is one problem: Jamie Fraser´s wife, Claire, is a time-traveler, as are his daughter and son-in-law. And Jamie knows that three years hence, the shot heard round the world will be fired, and the end of it all will be independence –with those loyal to the King either dead or in exile. Beyond everything else, though, looms the threat of a tiny clipping from the Wilmington Gazette dated 1776, which reports the destruction of the house on Fraser´s Ridge and the death by fire of James Fraser and all his family. For once, Jamie Fraser hopes the time-travelers in his family are wrong about the future –but only time will tell. @goodreads

I got through another door stopper =) But this one made me freaking cry in the end. Just nooooooooo. I will talk about that later.

I guess I'm going to add some *SPOILERS*

So this review is in no particular order. As I have said before I'm listening to them on audio and marking my place in the book and they are all starting to run together. And there are lots of things going on in the books and I love most all of it. Not the bad stuff!

There are some funny parts in the book. I think my favorite is when Bree is in the shed chasing off a raccoon that is eating their food and Roger comes in - scares her- and she nails him in the head with a potato! I wanted to add the excerpt of this but I didn't mark the freaking spot, but I was rolling with laughter at that part and Roger's reaction.

There's a funny part about a snake in the church. And I can't remember the others because I'm all upset about the ending. Nothing major just wait.

Life is going along with everyone. BUT . . .

Marsali (Fergus wife) and Claire are out at the thingy working on the stuff for booze. They are all by themselves because they think nothing of it. Some arsehole men show up, attack the women because they want the booze but the woman can't give them what they don't have. These freaking jerks kick Marsali in the pregnant stomach and take off with Claire. Claire gets raped of course and beaten to within an inch of her life. I think these are also the same men that killed a family, sold some of the kids and burned another one alive in the home. I think these were the same ones. Oh, how death needs to come to them. And it does. . .


all the evil people should meet the same end. Anyway, Jamie wrings a neck and has the boys kill the rest of the gang. Takes Claire through to make her look at all of the dead so that she knows they are gone and can't hurt her any more. It was horrible. And the part before all of this, when Jamie and Roger find that family killed and the little girl still alive in the burned house, OMG, I can't even. I mean Roger had to suffocate her because it was so dreadful and I felt sorry for everyone involved.

Marsali and Fergus have another child and he's a dwarf that Marsali names Henri-Christian. So they have a ton of kids now. But some arsehole jerk little kids tried to drown Henri and luckily Roger was there to save him and give those evil kids what for. Not long after that Fergus tried to kill himself and luckily Jamie was there and it made me so sad. Jamie and Claire had to send them away and got Fergus a job at a printer and Fergus was happy so hopefully all of that will work out.

Bree got to finally get her vengeance on her rapist. She shot him in the head. Good riddance.

Bree and Roger also had a little girl named Amanda Claire Hope and there were some medical issues with her that Claire couldn't fix because it was one of those advanced things.

This is where I get really sad because Bree, Roger and the kids went back through the stones to save the baby. And now Claire and Jamie only have Ian and it's so freaking sad because that whole family was there and I want them back.

Just damn it all =(

Also, in these books there are always references to the other books and things that happened. Explanations and I like that! Even still, I'm sad - BUT. . . on to the next. 




  1. Wow! Great review Mel, but what a sad, depressing book. I hate books like that because they leave me feeling gutted. In the end, though, I have to ask myself was it worth it? You gave it 5 stars, so I'm thinking it was.

    1. They are all worth it =) I love them so much =)