Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Saturday, December 2, 2017

FIREBLOOD by Elly Blake

All hail the Fire Queen.

Against all odds, Ruby has defeated the villainous Frost King and melted his throne of ice. But the bloodthirsty Minax that was trapped inside is now haunting her kingdom and everyone she loves. The answers to its demise may lie to the south in Sudesia, the land of the Firebloods, and a country that holds the secrets to Ruby’s powers and past…

Despite warnings from her beloved Arcus, Ruby accompanies a roguish Fireblood named Kai to Sudesia, where she must master her control of fire in a series of trials to gain the trust of the suspicious Fire Queen. Only then can she hope to access the knowledge that could defeat the rampaging Minax—which grows closer every moment. But as sparks fly in her moments alone with Kai, Ruby no longer knows whom to trust. The fates of two kingdoms are now in her hands.

I loved it as much as I did FROSTBLOOD. =)

Ruby is a member of King Arcus court after defeating the old crazy king. But the Minax is still loose on the world and Ruby must find it and destroy it or it's going to keep killing more people.

Meanwhile, a whole bunch of jerks don't like Ruby around and want to take out Arcus because they are evil and all of that. Then they are stupid enough to stage an attack (fail) and this introduces Ruby to Kai, another Fireblood. What? And then Ruby sails off and tries to win over the Fireblood Queen and such, ends up in some trials and some crazy stuff happens with the Minax AGAIN. Can we not get rid of that thing -er- things.

Like I said, I really enjoyed this book and I'm hoping we will have happy endings in the last book, I think it will be the last book. Anyway, happy endings or I'm going to throw things =)

Happy Reading!

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  1. Fingers crossed for a great ending to the next book! :) I'll have to check out this series soon!

    1. I hope so! I always get worried. Lol. I hope you enjoy them when you get to read them =)