Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Monday, December 18, 2017

The House On Foster Hill by Jaime Jo Wright

Kaine Prescott is no stranger to death. When her husband died two years ago, her pleas for further investigation into his suspicious death fell on deaf ears. In desperate need of a fresh start, Kaine purchases an old house sight unseen in her grandfather's Wisconsin hometown. But one look at the eerie, abandoned house immediately leaves her questioning her rash decision. And when the house's dark history comes back with a vengeance, Kaine is forced to face the terrifying realization she has nowhere left to hide.
A century earlier, the house on Foster Hill holds nothing but painful memories for Ivy Thorpe. When an unidentified woman is found dead on the property, Ivy is compelled to discover her identity. Ivy's search leads her into dangerous waters and, even as she works together with a man from her past, can she unravel the mystery before any other lives--
including her own--are lost? @goodreads 

This story is told in two stories. We have the story of Ivy from the past and Kaine from the present. But they are both intertwined. 

We begin with Ivy's story. She helped her father with dead bodies, trying to figure out what happened to them. 

The body of a woman found in a tree at the Foster Hill House was pretty creepy. 


The petite body was curled into the position of a babe, inside the tree's womb. Blond hair hung free over her cold, bare shoulders and floated out on the wind. Her torso was covered in a paper-thin dress of gray calico. It was nowhere near enough to keep her warm, but it was more than the cold that tinted the young woman's skin blue. It was death.

In the present, Kaine buys Foster Hill House sight unseen and she's in for a shocker at the creepy, broken-down house. 


but Kaine is bound and determined to make it work because she can't go back to the city. Her husband died and she believes he was murdered. She's terrified that she was being stalked by the killer so she moved, but now she thinks the killer followed her to her new home. 

Kaine finds some really nice friends in Joy and Grant, maybe a little more in Grant later on. She also adopts a sweet dog named Olive. 

 Like I saId, the story goes back and forth from Ivy to Kaine. Ivy finds out that the dead girl had a baby, but where is the baby? And what happened to this girl. 

The stories come to a head at the end when they all come together. 

I thought the story was a good little mystery. 

*Thank you to BethanyHouseBloggers for a print copy of this book.*


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