Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Walking Dead Subscription Box Unboxing

OMG! I got me a little surprise delivery here on Sunday morning. Yes, Sunday morning. Wow, I could have used this box to start my youtube channel but I jumped the gun and managed to only snap some pictures as I opened the box! 

The box is freaking awesome! Wait until you see the inside of the box. Needless to say I'm keeping said box as well as all the goodies! 

 Ta-da! What I saw when I opened the box! Look the the awesome picture on the top and the cool paper with all the goodies wrapped!

Look at the close up of the little sticker. I didn't want to tear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 When I opened the pretty paper, this is what I saw.

 I couldn't fit everything into the main picture so I crammed them into the shot the best I could. 

 We have a shirt of the 100th episode with Rick and Negan along with 3 pairs of socks! What! Yessssss! 

 We have an awesome card of King E. and one of The Gang! Love them so much! 

 There is a big sticker of all the groups in the show!! 

 And last but not least I have a Jesus Funko Pop, A lanyard and a mug! How freaking awesome! 

 I hope you guys enjoyed looking at this box as much as I did receiving it! 

Happy Watching! 

Mel ♥