Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Blood Lily by Jenny Allen

When vampire and independent forensics expert, Lilith Adams is sent to investigate disappearing family members, she teams up with her new partner, Chance Deveraux, to face a whirlwind of violence, revenge and terror leading to a secret that's been buried for over 600 years. Lilith Adams wasn't the latex-clad, Hollywood version of a vampire. She had a normal, simple life in New York City as an independent forensics expert, but she always wished for something more adventurous. When her uncle goes missing from a small town in Tennessee, Lilith's doting father sends her to investigate with his head of security, Chance Deveraux. What they find defies the laws of science and plunges them headfirst into the world of the supernatural. When the mutilated bodies of family members start surfacing, they quickly get sucked into a whirlwind of violence and terror that uncovers a secret that could not only cost her everything, but points directly at Lilith's father. To survive, they'll have to find powerful new allies, but trusting them might be the biggest mistake of all. Blood Lily is a suspenseful mystery that challenges every relationship and deals with the true emotional grit of loss when the odds seem overwhelming. @goodreads


https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1370996069             4 STARS

**I would like to thank the author, Jenny Allen, for giving me as signed print copy of her book for an honest review**

Just when you think you can't find any more takes on vampires, you do :) The vampires in this book are not like the normal vampires, they have a heartbeat, they can get beat up, shot, etc. But they still drink blood from the blood banks they own, and they can heal if they can get blood in time. There are also a few other creatures that are in the book that have different abilities as well.

Lilith (Lily) is an independent forensics expert, I thought her job was cool. Well, not for me per se, but I thought it was a cool that you have a Vampire as a forensics expert. Now, she doesn't have the smell senses and all of that stuff, she's just good at her job. Her partner Detective Alvarez is a good man that I liked a lot even though he wasn't in the book much.

Lilith's uncle Duncan goes missing and her father, Gregor, asks her to head down to Knoxville to see what is going on. He has Chance, another vampire that she has known for years, to go with her and act as her body guard. Note: I love the author added Knoxville, TN as the place for the new crimes as I was born down the road from there and have family there :)

Anyway, they go down to Knoxville and find out more of the family is missing and turning up dead in horrific torture scenes. Gregor seems to suddenly know who is doing all of these massacres and wants Lily home right away. Of course Lily refuses because she's really cool and her and Chance end up in a world of trouble that spans centuries.

I thought the book was great and I loved all of the characters, even the evil ones were played out really good. This is a large book with a massive amount of information and things going on, but it's nothing that will confuse you. I should know, I get confused a lot. There is a part where they were talking about DNA and mixing and matching this that and the other that made me faze out, but I digress :)

There is a little bit of romance thrown in, but not too much, they are all too busy trying to stay alive and just when you think you might get a breather at the end..... a whole other can of worms opens and it ends on a cliffhanger.. to be continued... 


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