Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Guardian Stones by Eric Reed

1941 Britain: Children are vanishing from the village. Is it the powers of an ancient stone circle at work, or a modern predator? In mid-1941, children evacuated to the remote Shropshire village of Noddweir to escape the Blitz begin to vanish. It was not uncommon for city children faced with rural rigors to run away. But when retired American professor Edwin Carpenter, pursuing his study of standing stones, visits the village and discovers bloody clothing in the forest, it is clear there is a more sinister explanation. The village constable is away on military duty so the investigation falls to his daughter Grace. Some villagers see the hand of German infiltrators bent on terror. The superstitious, mindful of the prehistoric stone circle gazing down on Noddweir, are convinced malevolent supernatural powers are at work. And Edwin, determined to help Grace find whatever predator is in play, runs into widespread resentment over America's refusal to enter the war. This atmospheric mystery will appeal to readers of Rennie Airth, Maureen Jennings, and both Ann Cleeves and Ann Granger @goodreads


https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1362977376                    2 STARS

 I really thought I would like this book from the blurb, but I couldn't get into it myself, but I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that will like it so you decide for yourself.


The book is happening during 1941 and the people of the little village area of Shropeshire are worried about Hitler finding them and bombing them every day. At night they keep the lights to a minimum.

Then you have this retired professor from American just moseying on over to study these stones called The Guardian Stones. Now I don't know about you, but if Hitler was still around causing trouble, I sure as hell wouldn't be going over to look at some stones, but I digress.

The town has taken in some children from town hoping they can keep them safe, but most of those kids are evil little jerks! I won't tell you all the stuff they did, you will have to read that for yourself, but you will want to lock them up in some kind of boot camp.

The whole time Edwin (the professor) is there they are looking for a missing child named Issy. They think she may have just ran off to live in the cities when they can't find her. Then other kids start going missing. Something is just weird in this town and some of it's people. There are also weird stories about the stones.

I mean can all the kids be traipsing off to the city or can they?

I definitely wasn't expecting that ending. It was crazy and totally turns things around in the story.

I did like some of the characters in the book, the professor (Edwin), Grace, who's home he stayed in while he was there and Jack the blacksmith. These were all strong characters in the book.

I really wished I could have liked the book more.

*I would like to thank NETGALLEY and POISONED PEN PRESS for giving me the opportunity to read an ARC of this book for my honest review.**

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