Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Into The Dangerous World by Julie Chibbaro

At a family meeting, Ror declares her purpose:
            I am an artist.
But she doesn’t really know what that means. Raised on a commune, she’s never attended a day of school, and has seen little of the outside world. What she knows best is drawing. To her, it’s like breathing; it’s how she makes sense of the world.
            When her father torches the commune—and himself—Ror’s life changes. She, her mother and sister end up in a homeless residence in Manhattan, where she runs into trouble—and love—with Trey, the leader of Noise Ink, a graffiti crew.
            On the city’s streets, and in its museums and galleries, Ror finds herself pulled in different directions. Her father wanted her to make classic art. Noise Ink insists she stay within their lines. Her art teacher urges her to go to college. What does she want?
            What kind of artist am I?
             Ror’s journey is a seamless blend of words and pictures, cinematic in its scope--a sharp-edged, indelible work of art that will live inside your head. @goodreads


https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1374678637      3.5 STARS

Aurora (Ror), her mom, her sister Marilyn and her dad all live in a commune, squatting on land that they don't own and making a home selling things they make and from animal produce. Their dad brings in a few more people into the commune. But their dad isn't all together there and soon everyone leaves but Ror's family. Their dad does something drastic and Ror, Marilyn and her mom are left on their own.

They end up staying at a shelter for a little bit until they can get some kind of housing. Ror didn't like the shelter, she wanted to just go outside and stay somewhere.

The place stank of anonymous farts, pit funk, dollar store perfume.
*End Excerpt*

They end up in this community motel place, which just seems like an old apartment building to me, but anyway, they have a room, a tv, a hot plate and a couple of other things. They have to use a communal bathroom.

Marilyn and her mother want Ror to wear a wig so she doesn't have to wear hats all of the time. The back of her head got burned so she was a bit of a skin head back there. This is Ror's interpretation of what she thought!

I looked in the mirror. I looked like I belonged in that movie Hair. Like some tv hippie. I pulled the headband thing down around my neck, flipped the wig sideways, and bared my teeth. Now I looked like I was in a band with Sid Vicious
*End Excerpt*

Needless to say, Ror didn't wear the wig.

Ror is a really great artist. Even the local man in the paint, etc store thinks she should show her work to galleries. He's nice and I liked his character, his name was Jonathan.

But Ror ends up in a graffiti crew. She drew some really awesome things with this group. I was afraid she would end up doing this and blow her whole supposed future away when she started skipping some school.

It all worked out okay in the end. I'm not sure whatever happened to Ror, but I would like to know if she went on and became something.

There is also some really nice graphics throughout the book.

*I would like to thank Penguin Books and Julie Chibbaro for giving me the opportunity to read this book for my honest review.*

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